“I started CrossFit about 4 months ago at the encouragement of two of my children at first, and then my wife. I’m nearly 55 years old, and have always tried to keep myself in good physical condition. I used to run 3 or 4 miles several times a week, but had to give that up a few years ago because of knee and hip joint pain; so up until I started CrossFit my workouts were mainly biking, rowing machine, crunches and some light weightlifting. I also enjoy golf.
It didn’t take me long to become a huge CrossFit fan. I love the variety of the workouts, focusing on different movements and muscles each time. For me, that keeps it fun, interesting and challenging. Plus, I feel that I have improved my technique on several lifts and motions where I had never had proper instruction like deadlifts, snatches and even squats.
I could name several areas where I would say that CrossFit training has benefited me, but I’ll name my top three:
1. My upper body strength has improved dramatically. On day one, I needed a strap in order to do a pull-up. Now I can do workouts that include 40 or 50 unassisted pull-ups, and can do 8 unbroken. Plus, I’ve done a pull-up wearing a 40 pound weight vest; and I feel like more improvement is forthcoming.
2. Although my muscles are sore from time to time because of working different muscle groups, I don’t have as much joint pain. One of the workouts was a 5 kilometer run, which I did without stopping; something I didn’t think I would ever do again. I attribute this to two things. First, there is no constant strain on one part of the body that I used to get from running or riding a bike every day. Second, there has been a noticeable strengthening of the muscles around the joint areas.
3. I’m hitting the golf ball as well and as far as I ever have (let me caveat that by confessing that I am a low double digit handicap golfer, so by no means great). Nonetheless, I attribute the improvement to the combination of strength, flexibility, balance and endurance that comes from CrossFit training.”