3 Person Same Sex Teams
Scaled – AM heats
RX – PM heats
Saturday, May 1, 2021
Hosted by & held at CrossFit 515

Registration Opens March 1 at noon.


•This year your workouts will all be done in one 1-hour heat. There will be programmed rest between workouts.
•There will be one “floater” workout that will need to be completed at some point during your divisions start and end time.
Sign up how you do most workouts… All of the workouts will be released with plenty of time to practice and switch divisions if needed.
•In both divisions the heaviest and highest skilled movements will only need to be done by one person.

SIGNUP  (click on your division below)

RX ($150/team)
Scaled ($150/team)

*MASTERS – after registration, email us if you would like to compete against other masters – ALL 3 team members must be 40 by May 1, 2021. You will compete in the RX or Scaled divisions (same workouts) but be ranked with other masters teams.

QUESTIONS about standards or what division to sign up for please reach out on social media or email: kadynoyce@gmail.com

Interested in Volunteering?: Contact Kady or Bobby or email info@crossfit515.com.  Thank you!!