Every 4 Minutes Complete 10 DBell Bench Press for 4 Sets
*Please share the benches


Black/Blue/Grey WOD

“Reverse Reverse”

For Time:
1600/1300m Bike
50 Strict Sit-Ups (No Ab-Mat, No Anchors, Fingers Interlocked Behind Head) (Ab-Mat Sit-Ups)
*REST until 12 minutes and REPEAT but in REVERSE order
*Score = your 2 times added together

May “Cool” Board
***Make some goals for yourself for May

– Matt – 1st Rope Climb
– Leann – 116# Snatch
– Angie M. – 148# Snatch
– Carpet Layers – 1st Place Scaled Wingman
Р515 All Stars Р 2nd Place Rx Wingman
– Savage Girls – 1st Place Rx Wingman
– 515 – 3rd Place Rx Wingman

– Nick C. – 1st Ring Muscle Up!

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