Athlete of the Month: Natalie Jones

Athlete of the Month: Natalie Jones

Birthday: I was born a month premature on August 19, 1985

CrossFit Birthday: September 19, 2017

How did you hear about CrossFit? I heard about CrossFit through a coworker at the gym I worked at who tried out CrossFit 515 and I joined my first CrossFit gym in 2012.

How has CrossFit changed your life? CrossFit has kept fitness fun and challenging and has influenced the way I work with clients as a health and wellness professional.  CrossFit 515 has consistently been a safe community to belong to while working towards goals in and outside of the gym.

Favorite & least favorite movements: Movements I enjoy have flip flopped over the past three years. However, I have never enjoyed a sled push.  That s.o.b. is hands down my least favorite movement.  Since joining CrossFit 515, I have become more confident with squat cleans.

Family info: My mother Carrie and my younger brother Tyler live in Colorado.  My father, Dennis, lives in Wyoming.

Something interesting about you: There are normally five lumbar vertebrae in the human spine.  I have six.

Favorite songs to workout to: Today, I Feel the Love by Tritonal.

What movement or skill were you most excited about when you were able to do it?  The Snatch

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