CrossFit 515 Closed Until March 31

Black/Blue/Grey WOD

Email we sent out 3/17 … if you are a current member and did not receive it please email Kady

CrossFit 515 family,

Sorry for all the emails lately, but here is another.  We appreciate your support during this time we are forced to close our doors.  While we believe that fitness is a huge part of staying healthy and wish we could keep our doors open to you, the powers that be say otherwise.  We will give you what we can from afar and hope to see you all back April 1.  Keep working out and eating healthy and hopefully this madness is calmed down soon… like before this baby comes would be GREAT.

We will be at the gym from 11:30-12:30 tomorrow (3/18) for more equipment check outs.  If that time does not work for you please email Kady by responding to this email and we can set up another time.  We have plenty of equipment left.

A few reminders about the borrowed equipment:
– You are agreeing to return it to us in the condition you borrowed it in when we re-open (April 1) or you will replace it.
– Don’t drop the equipment, unless you have a mat (weights, dumbbells, kettlebells, wall balls, etc) Especially not outside, we don’t want it to get torn up on the cement and I’m sure you don’t want to replace it 😉

If you are not on our private Facebook group yet, request to join now! I created this group for current members since we can’t physically be together at 515.  Feel free to share your workouts, nutrition, motivation or whatever you want!  If you notice someone isn’t on the group feel free to add them, I will approve them as long as they are a current member.

We will continue to post at home no equipment workouts along with some other workouts involving minimal equipment.  Workouts will be emailed and posted in the private FB group.  If you want to use a piece of the equipment that isn’t included in the workouts comment on our Facebook group or message us and we will make some more up!

We will stay active on social media, feel free to tag us and share your workouts there too 🙂

We have some extra toilet paper at the gym that won’t be needed for a while… if you need some, we are happy to sell you some.

If there is anything you need from us, please let us know.

Thanks again for making CrossFit 515 the great community that it is.

Bobby and Kady

March “Cool” Board ***Make some goals for yourself for March – Angie M. – 170# 3 Rep Push Press – Marc – 155# 3 Rep Push Press – Erik – Flight Simulator – 22:10!!

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