October Athlete of the Month: Erik Dominguez

Athlete of the Month: Erik Dominguez

 May 12, 1979

CrossFit Birthday: October 2015

How did you hear about CrossFit? ​ Long story short, I was part of a gym that offered yoga, HIIT, cycle, and Crossfit. My employer had financial incentives to go a certain number of days, and at the end of October 2015, I needed to go 5 times in a row and Crossfit was the only class I could get to. After that, I stayed forever.

How has CrossFit changed your life? Crossfit has been the one constant in a half-decade of inconstant. It has seen me through a divorce, a move across the country, personal and professional heartbreaks, breaking of addictions, and life transformations. Even in my injuries and setbacks, Crossfit was the place where I could clear my mind and push the boundaries of what I thought I could do.

Favorite & least favorite movements: ​ I love everything with a barbell. But even more, I love the movements that I have seen progress in – mainly double unders and handstand push-ups. Having said that, there are no words in any language that I know to describe the hatred and fear I have for rope climbs.

Family info: My two sons, Elias and Ian, can often be seen at the gym and they drive me to stay physically and mentally healthy. This spring, I had lung issues and other obstacles that had me in the wrong mindset for Crossfit. Then, right before 19.1, my youngest out of nowhere said “Hey, dad! [long dramatic pause] Be brave!” That’s all I needed to motivate me to change my mindset, figure out my health, and come back stronger.

Something interesting about you:  I am generally an introvert at the gym, but my passion is communication, public speaking, and helping others find their voice and their stories.

Favorite saying: At the gym, usually, a lot of Spanish swear words.

Favorite TV show or movie: Parks and Rec, Stranger Things, Brooklyn 99, and Shark Tank are my go-to’s. My sons and I watch a lot of the reboot of Duck Tales.

Favorite songs to workout to: Pursuit of Happiness by Kid Cuddy.

What movement or skill were you most excited about when you were able to do it?  Double-Unders. I have been working on them since I started Crossfit. I still have a goal to complete Flight Simulator and I attempt it at least once a week. Since it is part of my routine, even after I accomplish that goal, I will probably always do it at some point.


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