July Athlete of the Month: Kellie Prescott

Athlete of the Month: Kellie Prescott

 August 12, 1985

CrossFit Birthday: December 14, 2017

How did you hear about CrossFit? ​ I found CrossFit while discussing with a friend how conventional gyms just didn’t keep me motivated or interested in going. The suggestion was made to try CrossFit and even though I was scared to death, I sent an email to Bobby at 515 inquiring into a 7 day trial and now it’s been over a year and a half later!

How has CrossFit changed your life?  CF changed my life by allowing me to learn I can overcome any obstacle if I believe in myself and work hard. It has also given me quite a few friends that are more like family.

Favorite movement: ​ Deadlifts….because who doesn’t like deadlifts?!?

Least favorite movement: ​ Pull ups simply because I lack so much upper body strength and they are always a good reminder of that.

Family info:  I have 3 kids that are 10, 8, and 6 and keep me motivated to work hard every day to be a good example to them. I live quite a ways outside the Grimes area on a small acreage just outside Bagley but commute to Urbandale every day for work so stopping at 515 in the morning always starts my day off on a good note no matter how hard the workout was.

Favorite saying:  So many favorite sayings but my most favorite would have to be “I’m not training to be skinny; I’m training to be a bad@$$!”

Favorite songs to workout to:  I pretty much like anything on Bobby’s playlist but it really depends on what we’re doing. Anything with a good beat to keep me moving is a good one!

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