Athlete of the Month: Jodi Peterman

Athlete of the Month: Jodi Peterman

Birthday: March 29th

CrossFit Birthday: June 6th

How did you hear about CrossFit? Sean Wood

How has CrossFit changed your life? 
Every facet of my life. I 💓 coming to CrossFit and my whole day seems off if I have to miss a day.

Favorite & least favorite movement: Favorite movement: Devil Presses and Deadlift deficits; least favorite- the assault bike!

Family info: I am married to Scott and have 19 year old twin daughters Hanna and Sydney

Something interesting about me: I’m claustrophobic and have a whole routine when I fly. I also love to scuba dive, which is interesting having claustrophobia.

Favorite saying: “Amazeballs”

Favorite songs to workout to: Anything with a good beat, but I loved 90’s Wednesdays!

Favorite TV show or movie: Forensic Files!


What movement or skill were you most
excited about when you were able to do it? My first rope climb. I was upset during my third workout containing rope climbs, I could only get 1/2 way up. I completed the workout and was ready to leave when I decided 1/2 way wasn’t good enough. I tried one last time and made it all the way up!

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