Athlete of the Month: Alex Perrizo

Athlete of the Month: Alex Perrizo

Birthday-October 4, 1988
CrossFit Birthday– Sometime right before August, First weekend for us was Ultimate Athlete Compeitition

How was CrossFit changed your life?-I feel crossfit has changed my life to really feel a push of competition. I’m a very competitive person, whether I win or lose, it is still fun to be challenged with friends. It has also opened my eyes on eating “healthier”, some days are more of a struggle but I try harder now. It also gives Ashley and I something to discuss and challenge each other with!

What do you like about CrossFit?-I enjoy everyone and the friendships that have been built and keep building. The working out and being kind of fit is fun too, but going to the gym is one of the things I look forward to.

Favorite & least Favorite movement?– My LEAST favorite movement is deadlift. I hate it! It’s gross! But I know I need to work on it :(. My favorite movement depends on the day, One day it could be squat cleans, the next squat snatches, or back squats, depends on how the day has been. I usually like all movements, except deadlift.

Family Info– My father is Jon and mother is Becky with their dog Gus, My brother Andrew is married to Kacie with two cats Tessa and Luna. I am engaged to Ashley & we have a dog Bobbi!

Favorite saying?-“Good luck to you old riding pard, may your first loop always hit. May pony never setup hard and your daly never slip.” It is something passed down from my grandpa who I really looked up to.

Favorite songs to workout to?-Spotify had a great 2000’s rap list the other day with a bunch of Nelly and Ludacris, but anything with a good beat.

Favorite TV show or movie?-I have watched How I Met Your Mother three times otherwise I watch Tosh.O or some sort of sports. Depending on how I want to feel, I have watched Teen Mom, to make myself feel better.

What Movement or skill were you most excited about when you were able to do it?– Double Unders! I hated that a simple jump rope could tick me off so much and cause me so much pain as well. It took Ashley watching me and she just told me to jump higher to finally get two in a row, then it started to click.

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