Athlete of the Month: Justin Preisser

Athlete of the Month: Justin Preisser

Birthday: March 28, 19871896946_692752712953_659008286_n
CrossFit Birthday: January 31, 2012

How did you hear about CrossFit? Ironically, when I was living in San Diego, the CrossFit Games happened to be on a TV at the Gym I was working out at and I instantly became interested. Later that day I went home and researched CrossFit gyms in the area to see what I could find. Ultimately, I knew my wife and I would be moving back home to Iowa soon, so I decided to wait until we got back home to find a CrossFit gym. I did my research and found 515 to be what I thought looked like the best of the bunch. It was the first and only CrossFit gym I’ve ever belonged to. I wasn’t sure if I had chosen the best gym, but time has spoken and I have never looked back!

How has CrossFit changed your life? I tell people all the time that CrossFit brings community, knowledge, competiveness, encouragement, fitness…the list goes on and on. I thrive on the people of 515 every day. I am always trying to push myself to be better because there is so much motivation all around me every day. I learn something new from someone in the gym every day, whether it’s something to do with nutrition, 12814608_10204379562088868_4036069110716558545_nweightlifting or even just everyday life values. The people of 515 are what make it the best! So, CrossFit has changed my life in numerous ways and that’s why I chose to make it the center piece of my lifestyle.

Favorite & least favorite movement Favorite would naturally be the back or front squat (cause Bobby can’t beat me J) and least favorite would probably be hand stand walking just because I STILL haven’t grasped the concept yet. J

Family info I live in Ankeny with my awesome wife Leah and our mini golden doodle Wilson with one more on the way coming in January 2017.

Something interesting about me. My wife and I (girlfriend at the time) moved out to Los Angeles together after only dating for 3 months (and it was long distance). We lived there for a year and San Diego for another year. Having it work out seemed like a long shot, but here we are 7 years later happily married.

Favorite saying “Everything happens for a reason”156085_531205606930254_1148989601_n-1

Favorite songs to work out to Pretty much anything upbeat with the occasional AC/DC tracks sprinkled in there.

Favorite TV show or movie Call me a nerd, but I am really into documentaries (like the 30 for 30’s on ESPN) or the murder cases on Dateline.

What movement or skill were you most excited about when you were able to do it? Probably the muscle up since it was something I had never done before trying CrossFit.

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