Athlete of the Month: Abby Hoppenworth

Athlete of the Month: Abby Hoppenworth

Birthday: 2/21/1989
Crossfit Birthday: 3/24/2014IMG_5306

How did you hear about Crossfit: A friend of mine from highschool had being going to Crossfit Kilo. I had noticed how strong and lean she had gotten and thought I needed to try this crossfit stuff out!

How has changed your life: Crossfit has changed my life in so many ways. Most importantly I met my husband, Brandon at a local box. I always wanted to find someone who shared the same passion for fitness and CrossFit as I had. The crossfit community is absolutely amazing and especially at CrossFit 515. I have never been a part of such a badass group of people. People that truly care about each other and their successes inside and outside of the gym. As far as the workouts, hands down, crossfit is the best thing that I have found. No other form of fitness has the variety that crossfit offers. I found crossfit when I was burnt out on the monotonous running everyday and never will I go back.

Favorite and least favorite movement: My favorite movement would be either handstand push ups or deadlifts because those movements came most natural to me. My least favorite movements are wallballs and rowing. Both equally suck being 5ft tall.

Family Info: My parents live in Tama, IA where I grew up. I have one older brother that lives in Ankeny. Brandon, Gage and I just recently moved to Johnston with several FullSizeRenderCrossFit 515’ers near by.

Favorite Saying: Though she be but little, she is fierce!

Favorite Songs to workout to: 90’s rap πŸ™‚

Favorite Movie: Means Girls πŸ™‚

What movement were you most excited about: I was most excited about getting a ring muscle up. I had felt pretty comfortable with bar muscle ups for a while but struggled to get a ring muscle up. With the help of several athletes and great coaches I got one. Now I really need to practice those!

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