Snatch Ladder:

Every Minute On the Minute you will have 50 Seconds to complete 20 Double Unders (40 Singles) and then 1 Snatch (As Many Attempts as you want)
*Every Minute the weight will increase 10/5# (men/women)
*Pair up with a partner and change weights for each other
*Starting weights:
(155/105) (115/75) (75/45) (45/35)

Black/Blue/Grey WODs

For Time:
10 Snatches (Approximately 60% of 1 Rep Max)
25 Air Squats
8 Snatches
25 Air Squats
6 Snatches
25 Air Squats
4 Snatches
25 Air Squats
2 Snatches
25 Air Squats

May “COOL” Board

***Make some goals for yourself for May

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