Athlete of the Month: John Jackovin

Athlete of the Month: John Jackovin

CrossFit Birthday
March 2011…not sure the exact date. It was a loooong time ago.

How did you hear about CrossFit?12670077_999799180087345_5935976386813647466_n
A friend of mine, Christian Renaud, had said how hard this workout was called CrossFit. I had been lifting since college and recently tried Farrell’s only to prove my wife that it wasn’t hard. So I figured I would do the same thing with this workout called CrossFit. Damn I was wrong. First day Jaime or Bobby set up rubber bands for me on this WOD that included pull-ups, ring dips and air squats.

I was all, “Shit! I don’t need you wimpy rubber bands to do pull ups and ring dips. I needed the rubber bands. 😐

After that, I think people take one of two paths. This is too damn hard and I’ll never be good at this, I quit. Or, this is too damn hard and I’ll never be good at this, but I sure as Hell can be better than I am today. I was the latter.

How has CrossFit changed your life?
I’ve definitely gotten more injuries than I had just lifting and doing elliptical, but I wouldn’t change those injuries for going back to a normal workout/gym. CrossFit is a part of me now, injuries and all.

Favorite & least favorite movement
My favorite movement is either deadlifts or rowing. I am pretty decent at both. Conversely I suck at handstand pushups, ring MU’s and most everything body weight related. Being 6’ 4” and 235 lbs puts me into the heavyweight division of CrossFit I believe.

Family info
Wife Melissa and two not so little girls Olivia (13) and Emma (11). I keep trying to get my girls to try CrossFit kids with no luck (yet).

Something interesting about me.11900117_10153309951678089_5191545365567228145_o
I love craft beer, but not sure that is interesting or just indicates I have wonderful taste. A lot of people might not know that I played competitive soccer my entire life and went to multiple Olympic Development regional camps as a kid. Growing up in Illinois there was way more competitive soccer than in Iowa where I moved in 8th grade. Iowa has done a great job of catching up.

Favorite saying
You never know unless you try.

Favorite craft beer
Weird this question would be in there! Damn that’s too hard to pick. I can say I am loving the different type of pale ales. We have a great choice of local breweries. So many choices so few livers.

Favorite songs to workout to
Hard rock. Yeah some yelling included. Slipknot, Thousand Foot Krutch, Drowning Pool, Volbeat, Nonpoint. Add those groups to the playlist. 😀

Favorite TV show or movie
I like a lot of TV shows and movies. Prefer shows I can binge watch on Netflix.

What movement or skill were you most excited about when you were able to do it?
Air squat. Kidding. Probably a muscle up. Of course I have regressed on the ring MU’s ever since I flew through the rings one time. Oh well, more to work on.

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