Athlete of the Month: Sean Byrnes

Athlete of the Month: Sean Byrnes

Birthday– December 3, 1988
Crossfit Birthday– October 2013

How did I hear about Crossfit?
– Early in college I would watch the Crossfit Games on ESPN and recognized it as something I’d be interested in.IMG_8082

How has Crossfit changed my life?
– I have always thought of myself as someone who is active and enjoys working out- for a majority of my adult life I had the usual routine of 3-4 days in the gym with a day or two of cardio. When I started Crossfit, my attitude completely changed. I realized I was always going through the motions previously, which probably lead me to the realization as to why I never saw the results I wanted! Crossfit not only is a great way to workout, utilizing functional fitness, HIIT, etc., but there’s more to it. The Crossfit community is the largest contribution to success in the gym- developing relationships with everyone there has allowed me to extremely challenge myself everyday to to do my best and hold me accountable as well. That was never felt in a typical Globo Gym setting. Also, due to the community of Crossfit, it opens up other avenues to living a Crossfit lifestyle…mainly nutrition. I’ve learned more about nutrition and how it affects my daily life and my success at the gym than anywhere else. You learn over a good amount of time that you must incorporate all of this knowledge to get the most of Crossfit. In the end, it pays great dividends and I suggest it to anyone willing to listen!

Favorite and least favorite movement?
– Favorite- Bar muscle ups. I always was in awe of the people who could do these when I first started. Now that I feel comfortable doing them, I look forward to workouts with them and actually think they are the most fun movement.
– Least favorite- Box jumps. This simple movement aggravates me more than any other movement. Everything else I can wrap my head around to improve technique, intensity, or otherwise, but not this one. Box jumps wear me out and I desperately need to improve my efficiency!

Family Info?
– Parents, Jim and Shelly, still live in Madrid where I was born and raised. They’ve been very supportive in the few Crossfit events I’ve been and seem to enjoy me talking about it as well! I have two younger sisters, Bonnie and Alanna. Bonnie has recently joined 515 and I couldn’t be happier about it, she’s doing real well and glad to see her in there struggling like the rest of us! Alanna is a junior at Madrid and Bonnie and I are currently trying to convince her to join the gym this summer as well…I hope she does! Family bonding at its finest!

Favorite saying?
– When it comes to Crossfit, Nike says it best- “Just Do It”. I find myself overthinking technique, pacing, scoreboard watching, the clock, etc. when it comes to workouts which I think actually slows me down or doesn’t allow me to do my best. When it comes down to it, you just have to DO IT. Buckle down and get it done, you have time after the workout to worry about any pain, discomfort, or soreness.

Favorite songs?
– It all becomes background noise in the end, but I do like to listen to all sorts of rock- IMG_8084metal, classic, alternative as my main music choice. Some hip-hop and rap intermixed with the music is also a good change up for me.

Favorite tv shows or movie?
– I love drama movies that make you think and have quite a lengthy story. As far as TV shows, recently my favorites are Game of Thrones, House of Cards, Sherlock, and The Walking Dead to name a few.

What movement or skill were you most excited about when you were able to do it?
– This is easy. Ring muscle ups. In a period of about 8 months I did only 4 of them and recently right before 15.3 and then the actual workout I have somehow figured out how to do them (great timing). Now that I feel more comfortable with them, I’m certainly going to do them instead of bar muscle ups in any of the workouts.

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