Athlete of the Month: Steve Harms

Athlete of the Month: Steve Harms

Birthday – 11/8/1965
CrossFit Birthday – 7/2/2012

How did you hear about CrossFit? A couple of friends had been urging me to try it for over a year. They both explained what it was and how it’s exactly the type of thing I HOA Box Facing Burpee Jump Oversloved, but it still scared me. So I spent a year “getting in shape” to come give CrossFit a shot. We all have our “first day” stories, but my first day the workout was a 70-60-50-40-30 chipper. The 70 was burpees. I read it and thought “there is NO WAY these people are going to do 70 burpees and THEN do all this other stuff.” At noon on that July 2 Bobby or Jaime started the countdown and everyone in the gym started doing 70 burpees!! I thought, “holy crap, these people are really going to do 70 burpees…this is AMAZING!” I walked over to Jaime and said, “There is no way I’m going to be able to do one rep of anything else if I do 70 burpees.” She let me skip 70 and put the burpees at the end and do 20 of them. Everyone finished that workout at least 5 minutes ahead of me and I did 50 less burpees!!

How has CrossFit changed my life? Let me count the ways! Maybe it would be easier to list how my life is the same as it was before CF. It’s a little disturbing to me to sit here and imagine what my life was like before CF. Another first day story…Bobby asked me my first day what my goals were with CF. I seriously told him that I wanted to be able to walk and play 18 holes of golf every day when I’m 85. He didn’t respond and walked away. My long-term goal is basically the same…to enjoy a quality of life I have today for a long, long lifetime. But I’ve added goals and accomplished goals that I never would have thought possible three years ago. And because of those goals that I hope to attain it makes me live life outside of the gym in a way I hadn’t envisioned three years ago. Mine and Jacque’s diets are ENTIRELY different than they were before CF. I still eat and do things I shouldn’t, but basically I’m going to try to do whatever I can do outside the gym to make what I do in the gym even more fun than it already is. The education I have been through and what I continue to go through in CrossFit is just amazing. Technique, mobility, body mechanics, nutrition, etc. There is just an endless amount of knowledge to gain from what seems like a simple concept.Pull-ups CF WDM
CrossFit has taught me to “keep my head down and work hard.” That was actually sage advice I received from #Bobbysays after a few months of CrossFit. I’ve always been a competitive person and CrossFit is a very humbling thing when you spend too much time looking around and seeing the amazing things people are doing. I’ve learned to pay attention to do what I can, work on my weaknesses and set my goals higher than what I think possible…both inside and outside of the gym. It’s amazing the results that are realized using that strategy.
I never, ever thought Jacque and I would do something competitive together on the same team. CrossFit has given that to us. We love competing against each other and with each other at CrossFit and it’s just indescribably awesome! Lastly, it’s changed the community of people with which I like to describe as my friends. I’ve never come across a community (and I’ve loved a lot of communities that I’ve been a part of) like the one we have at CrossFit 515. Truly good people that I feel SO LUCKY to associate myself with and that I continue to be in awe of.

Favorite movement – muscle-ups and rope climbs (makes me feel like a kid on the playground)
Least favorite movement – Sotts Press (hopefully never again)

Family info – Wife Jacque and dog Rocket

Something interesting about me – I like board games. We don’t play them near enough, but Ticket to Ride and Carcassonne are a couple of favorites, as well as the new found Cards Against Humanity!

Favorite saying – PUT SOME MORE WEIGHT ON THE BAR!! – Jon North….I just wish I could exclaim that more often. I’ve actually said it on the golf course after bombing a drive….guys never get it on the golf course…haha.

Throwdown 2.3 box jump-1

Favorite song to workout to – Ever changing answer to this…A lot of songs by One Republic get me up right now, especially Love Runs Out…and I really like their I Lived, but not sure I ever hear it at the gym.

Favorite TV show – Big Bang Theory = hilarious

What movement or skill were you most excited about when you were able to do it? At this point probably the ring muscle-up. At some point in the future when I get to the bottom of a squat and look like Shelly B. and Annette you will see me more excited than ever…excited just thinking about it!!

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