Make Up/Challenge/Skill DAY

September “COOL” Board

***Make some goals for yourself for September

–  Mark – 285# Front Squat
–  Morgan – 155# Hang Clean
–  Meghan – 3rd Place MAT Games Women’s Rx
–  Jaime – 1st Place MAT Games Women’s Elite
–  Annette – 1st Place MAT Games Women’s Masters
–  Billy – 255# Overhead Squat
–  Pat – 345# Overhead Squat
–  Becky – 140# x 5 Front Squat
–  Kasey – 155# x 2 Front Squat
–  Angie – 1st Rope Climbs 
–  B.J. – 255# Power Clean
–  Becky – Legless Rope Climb

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4 Responses to 9/11/14

  1. taylor says:

    UGH. BALLinda. nothing like a wod with wallballs to put me in my place. 16:54rx-ish. ugly pushups. sad wallballs. however, ttb were better from last week ha ha

  2. Tony says:

    Started the day with a hero wod to commemorate 9/11. Hero wod ‘Johnson’, I put it on the board for those who want a challenge.

    Thanks to Brian Sender for suffering through it with me while I had Bobby jam Born in the USA and Proud to be an American, nice little morning.

    Johnson rx’d: 4 + 20

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