Athlete of the Month: Michelle Levenhagen

Athlete of the Month: Michelle Levenhagen

Birthday: May 9th
CrossFit Birthday: February 14th, 2013

How did you hear about CF? My daughter Sarah has done Crossfit for several years photo 1and has always told me that I would like it.  She said my other workouts were good, but if I started Crossfit, I would be hooked and “be a drinker of the kool aid”!  She was right.  Coming to this gym has made me push myself to do things that I never thought I would be able to do.  To have the encouragement to try to do my best, not someone else’s best, is liberating.  My goal every day is to push myself to finish the WOD and not need medical attention when I am done.

Favorite & least favorite movement? My favorite movements are the deadlift and the back squats.  I HATE burpees!!!!!

Family info: My husband Mike and I have 3 daughters.  Sarah and her boyfriend Francis, Kelsey and her husband Joel, and Rebecca and her boyfriend Ben.  The two with boyfriends tell us they are getting married next summer….$$$$$ Yikes!  We also have 2 dogs.

Something interesting about me? I guess something interesting about me is that when I was pregnant with our third daughter, a magician came to the school where I taught with a mountain lion.  The lion grabbed one of my students and bit  onto his arm and wouldn’t let go.  I ran over and wrestled with him to get my student free and then we went to the nurse’s office until an ambulance came.  We joke that Rebecca is so stubborn because of that!

Favorite saying? ” With God all things are possible.”

Favorite songs to WOD to? I don’t know many of the songs that are played.  I am a country girl.  I do like the loud, pounding ones 2

Favorite TV show? My favorite TV show is anything on Food Network.  Hate cooking, but am fascinated by all the things they make.

What movement or skill were you most excited about when you were able to do it? I would say I was most excited the first time I climbed the rope.  Never in my life did I see that one coming!

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