Work up to a Max of the following Snatch Complex (video below)

1 Snatch from the Floor + 4 Hang Snatch from just Below the Knee

*Doesn’t have to be squat snatches, but you should work on if you are capable


Black/Blue/Grey WODs

7 Rounds For Time of:
10 WallBalls (20/14) (14/10) (10/6)
10 Pull-Ups (with Bands) (Ring Rows)

July “COOL” Board

***Make some goals for yourself for July

–  Kady – 245# Back Squat
–  Craig – 200# Bench Press
–  Melissa – 1st Rope Climb
–  Shelley – 175# Back Squat
–  Jordanne – 245# Back Squat

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6 Responses to 7/2/14

  1. Abbie says:

    Snatch complex: 80#
    Metcon: 14:20 Rx’d- that was a lot of pull-ups!

    • Abbie says:

      Endurance workout 4.1 (3 rounds of 1200m, rest 1 min, 400m, rest 5min)

      1200m splits: 5:04, 5:04, 5:02
      400m splits: 1:33, 1:28, 1:21

      My favorite Endurance workout yet. Weather was perfect. It’s been fun keeping pace with Eric and Jaime- you both push me! 🙂

  2. Jaime says:

    Snatch complex: 125#, 130# x 4
    Metcon: 5:55 rxd

  3. Annette says:

    Snatch Complex: 105#
    Metcon: 8:29

    Feeling a little beat up … Every bit of me is ready for some yoga tomorrow and some fun for the holiday.

    Have a happy and safe Fourth everyone!!

  4. Meghan says:

    Snatch Complex- 95# was happy to hit this all squat snatch. Got 105# x1 then had no pull left.

    Metcon: 7:48

    Agree with Annette! Looking forward to rest day after Endurance tonight. Then my favorite holiday all year HAPPY 4th EVERYONE! Merica!

    • Meghan says:

      Endurance workout 4.1 (3 rounds of 1200m, rest 1 min, 400m, rest 5min)

      1200m splits: 5:11, 5:07, 5:17
      400m splits: 1:37, 1:35, 1:28

      Couldn’t keep up with the speedy kids today but it made me go that much faster to try. Hit all my splits under the pacing, so good days work at the track. Thanks Justin for the Endurance programming, I love it!

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