Basic Survival and Self Protection Seminar

Saturday April 5, 2014
1:00 PM @ CrossFit 515
$50 Individual; $75 Mother/Daughter Pair

*Limited to 12 spots…sign up thru ZenPlanner calendar here

The Basic Survival and Self Protection seminar is a 2.5- to 3-hour class with three components: AWARENESS, AVOIDANCE and DEFENSE as a way to survive an unwanted, possibly violent, encounter. Our goal is to educate the participants with the fact that violent encounters can happen to anyone, anywhere and at anytime. Those who attend will be taught how to survive these situations by being more aware of their surroundings, learning how to avoid bad situations and learning techniques that will help them escape or defend themselves if all else fails.

This seminar IS about the realities of surviving violent encounters and the techniques and tactics that are instinctive, easy to learn, retainable and based on individual abilities. We provide real-life examples of violent encounters that turned out well and why some did not. Statistics related to violent encounters are also discussed, which indicate fighting back is statistically the best option for survival.

This seminar is NOT about turning the participants into martial arts experts with fancy, complicated techniques that don’t work in stressful situations. It is NOT about giving the participants a false sense that they can overpower a bigger, stronger individual.

Some of the many topics to be covered:
•Intuition and fear: Trust it and use it to your benefit.
•Statistics related to violent encounters: Is it better to fight or not? Leave your location with the attacker or not?
•Real-life encounters.
•Safety tips related to attacks in and around vehicles.msackett
•Unconventional tools to aid in survival.
•Techniques and tactics for self-protection.

Instructor: Mike Sackett is a retired FBI agent with over 20 years experience teaching self defense, tactics and firearms for law enforcement at the Federal, State and local levels. Since retiring, Mike is committed to providing realistic training for adults and children that will give them the best opportunities for survival.

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