2014 Open Info

Here is a little information, some old and some new, about the Open to make sure everyone is on the same page.

–  The workout will be announced @ 7:00 pm on Thursdays on games.crossfit.com

–  Athletes must submit their own scores, I will then be able to validate them for you

–  Athletes that have signed up for the Open must sign up for your workout time on ZenPlanner (just as you do for normal classes) as you will need to be judged

–  Our intent is to have most people complete the workouts on Saturday mornings, but there are a few slots open on Friday afternoons and all Monday

–  As far as heats go on Saturday we have 15 minute windows but we also have no idea how long the workout will be, so the heat times are merely an estimate.  We will try to give everyone adequate heads up time before their heat, but our plan is to try and move through everyone as quickly as possible.  If any heats are very low in numbers we may try and push some people together if people are ready to go.

–  Everyone working out on Saturday MUST be there by 8:30, as that is when we will clearly go over the workout and range of motion standards.  Please make yourself familiar with all of the details beforehand, it makes everything much easier when the athlete knows exactly what the judges are looking for as far as range of motion.

–  If anyone has signed up for a time that they would like to change just let Jaime or me know because it will not let you delete any times you have signed up for.

–  Those not participating in the Open are still welcome to workout on Saturday morning at 8:30 like usual.

–  I think I covered most of the details I wanted to get out there, but feel free to comment and ask away if anything is unclear.

–  This is going to be fun 🙂


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