A Note to Those Competing in The 2014 Open:

The Open is only 2 WEEKS away! We’ve enjoyed incredible participation and atmosphere during the Open at 515 in the past and expect no less this year. As always, we encourage anyone who is interested to sign up (https://games.crossfit.com). There are a few rules changes this year, which means we will be running things a little differently than in the past. Everyone PLEASE READ and ask up if you have any questions.

* This year, the workouts will be announced on Thursday night at 7pm each week and due by Monday night at 7pm. Just like last year, after finishing the workout, those signed up to compete will be responsible for submitting their own score (we will validate everyones scores, but we can’t help if you forget to submit your score in time).

* We will be doing the workouts as a gym this year on SATURDAY! This will create the same wonderful atmosphere we had at the Throwdown event a few weeks ago where everyone will be together to see and cheer each other on. Each week after the workout is announced, there will be Saturday heat times posted on the 515 calendar (https://www.crossfit515.com/zenplanner-calender/). There will be as many spots in each heat as we have Open judges and everyone MUST SIGNUP for their spot for the workout each week. That means whether you like a short warm up and to go first, right at 8:30, or if you like to wait around and watch first, sign up quick so you can have the spot you want. Those who are not competing in the Open and do not need to be judged are welcome to do the workout on Saturday as well and do not need to sign up for a heat time, but please be understanding that this day might be a bit chaotic.

* There will be a limited number of spots available on Friday afternoon and Mondays only, for those who are unable to do the workout on Saturday. Everyone MUST sign up for these spots and do so early, as we will only have limited judging spots available during regular classes.

* Another new rule this year is the video-taping. This rule only affects those who think they might have a chance at qualifying for regionals. Anyone who falls in this category will be judged by us like normal, but will also be responsible for taping THEIR OWN performance. Anyone who qualifies for regionals will be asked to submit one of the workouts. If this affects you, make sure your phone or whatever you plan to use, is charged up and has enough space available for the workout. And then make sure you save them all during the Open. Anyone videotaping, but sure you have also watched and understand what all is required for the video.

Our goal at 515 is to make the Open a fun and exciting experience for everyone, whether you are competing or not. We believe this will create the best overall atmosphere for all the athletes to perform at the very best. Again, please ask if you have any questions. And GOOD LUCK, 515!!

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