515 Throwdown 3.0

515 Throwdown 3.0

Saturday February 1st
Overview at 8:30AM with first workout at 9:00AM
(There will be no regular scheduled class)

The purpose of the 515 Throwdown Series is to give everyone the chance at experiencing the spirit of a CrossFit competition in a fun and familiar environment. Competitions are only one aspect of the world of CrossFit, but whether you are just curious or have aspiriations of competing in the future, this is a great way to get started. Also, if you are planning on competing in the Open this year, the 515 Throwdown is a great opportunity to get used to being judged and held to strict range of motion standards.

Elle Lacher Photography
We will have Elle Lacher at the Throwdown taking pics of all the action. Say cheese and be sure to check out her work on Facebook at Elle Lacher Photography

The 515 Throwdown will consist of 2-3 workouts that will be announced the day of the competition. There will be an RX selection of workouts and scaled options as well. We plan to be done with the competition around noon.

If you would like to participate, please sign up through the 515 Calendar like you do for normal class. Cost is free for 515 members and $25 for non members (previous CrossFit experience required).

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