Black/Blue/Grey WODs

Happy Birthday Lindsay

“G.I. Z-Train”
For Time:
100 Burpee Toes-to-Bar (Burpee Toes-thru-Rings) (Burpee Hanging Knee Raises)

*Scale to 50 Reps as Needed

October “COOL” Board

***Make some goals for yourself for October

–  Eric – Power Clean 255#
–  Kevin C. – Power Clean 275#
–  Kevin C. – Split Jerk 300#
–  Steve T. – Hang Clean 200#
–  Steve H. – 7 Consecutive Muscle Ups!
–  JoAnn – 1st Pull Up!!!
–  Tony – 215# Snatch
–  Andrew – 11 Consecutive Muscle Ups!
–  Brandon – 8 Consecutive Muscle Ups!
–  Angie – 1st Rope Climb!
–  Tony – 350# Back Squat
–  J.P. – 295# Power Clean

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7 Responses to 10/16/13

  1. Jordanne Beach says:

    Oof… anything for you, birthday girl 🙂

    • Jordanne says:

      I told Bobby I’d be lucky to finish this one close to 20:00…

      21:31. What a terrible day to be a hobbit.

  2. Annette says:

    Happy Birthday, Lindsay!! I hope you have a wonderful day.

    And since I have long wished that my burpees and TTB looked more like yours, it would be fun to see you blitz through this WOD 🙂

    It took me 16:34. Oof, is right Jordanne. That’s a lot of jumps up to the bar!

  3. Todd says:

    And, Happiest of birthdays to you Z…even after the burpess, ttb wod. I have lifted my desk to standing position because my belly is a little tender!

    My time: 13:38.

  4. Steve says:

    Geez. It took me longer to finish this than it did to get home. And there were overturned trucks blocking the highway. How did you all finish in the teens?

  5. John Jackovin says:

    14:05 and it was as tough as the Birthday girl! Have a great one.

  6. Taylor says:

    Happy birthday lady!