Athlete of the Month: Trish Burma

Athlete of the Month: Trish Burma

Birthday: 4/20/1987IMG_4159
CrossFit Birthday: March 2012

How did you hear about CF?
I had a few friends of mine from Texas that joined Crossfit and it was amazing to see them, who were already amazing athletes, really transform themselves. They would post pictures of them doing handstand pushups or videos of them doing muscle ups. Basically, making me jealous through Facebook and making me really question my current workout routine. Which was a lot of running and forcing myself not to buy chips and dip at the store.

How has CF changed your life?
I’m in better shape than I was in high school… so there’s that. It’s really made me re-think how people can achieve great fitness. Crossfit breeds competition, not only with other people in class, but with yourself. That’s something I’ve never really acknowledged before. Also, it’s completely changed my mentality to powering through a workout. I like to look at people’s reaction when I say one day’s workout will be 4 minutes long and when I’m done I’ll be throwing myself on the ground trying not to die from exhaustion. I’m clearly not dramatic at all.
It’s just a really encouraging environment that you can never find in a normal gym. Everyone is everyone else’s cheerleader and that’s obviously important to help with pushing yourself.

Favorite or least favorite movement?
Obviously, I have quite a few love-hate relationships with certain movements, but there are a few that I think deserve a special shout out… like burpees, wall balls, and overhead squats.
I can’t say I have a “favorite” but there are a few movements that always make me feel like superman when I leave the gym and that’s pull ups and hang cleans.

Job info:
I’m a sales rep at SumTotal, which is a software company in West Glen. It’s a fun job and I really enjoy the team I work with. Our company sells Human Capital Management to businesses looking for a solution to develop their employees.

Family info:
I’m just grateful they still claim me in public places.

Something funny or interesting about me?
I really enjoy sewing and refinishing furniture…. Which can be interesting and slightly funny if you know me.
I grew up in Texas and my mom owned quite a few horses so I can pull a horse trailer…. However, I can’t ride a horse very well. I’ve been bucked off more times than I can count and have broken my arm before. A horse whisperer, I am not.

Favorite saying?trish
“get it gurrrrl!”….which is something I say to both men and women. I don’t discriminate.
“Who raised you?”…. Basically something I say to all of my immediate co-workers who are cartoon characters.
I probably have more, I tend to be a joke repeater. I annoy a lot of people with my friendship.

Most/least favorite song to WOD to?
I’m not picky with music in general. However, I do need something that jams and has a faster beat. I’m bad about naming singers or bands. It’s pretty disgraceful.

Favorite movie?
Step Brothers, Grease (DUH.), Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Snatch, Due Date, Anchorman, and more ridiculous movie choices that aren’t even close to being in the same genre.

What movement or skill were you most excited about when you were able to do it?
Well since I still haven’t been able to master a muscle up (believe me, everyone who is present will know when it happens)… when I first started, I had to use the wide green bands to do a pull up but after a couple of months, it was pretty exciting to start whipping those out like jumping jacks.

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