Black/Blue/Grey WODs


For Time:
1 Mile Run
Then partition the following as you like:
100 Pull-Ups (with Bands)
200 Push Ups (from Knees)
300 Squats
1 Mile Run

*Wear a 20# vest if this doesn’t sound hard enough ūüôā

**Cut reps in 1/2 or work in pairs if you would like

May ‚ÄúCOOL‚ÄĚ Board

***Make some goals for yourself for May

Р Angie Р200# Deadlift
Р Alison Р165# Deadlift
Р Julie Р165# Deadlift
Р Annette Р285# Deadlift
Р Kevin C. Р505# Deadlift
Р Steve T. Р305#x 3 Deadlift
Р Shelley Р225# x 3 Deadlift
Р Beth Р240# Deadlift
Р Joe K. Р235# Deadlift
Р Linda Р200# Deadlift
Р Nate Р515# Deadlift
Р Emily РWOD with 100 Unassisted Pull Ups
Р Emily РRing Dip
Р Caitlin Р1st Rope Climb!
Р Jacque Р1st Rope Climb WOD
Р Danielle Р130# Power Clean
Р Jim Р175# Power Clean
Р Jacque Р1st Pull Up!!
Р Rob Р1st Bar Muscle Up!
Р Jenny Р50# Weighted Pull Up!
Р Julie РWOD with 100 Unassisted Pull Ups
Р J.P. Р530# Deadlift

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