2013 North Central Regionals Info

CONGRATULATIONS TEAM 515 on finishing 1st place in the North Central Region for the 2013 Open!  Now onto Regionals…

2013 North Central Regionals
May 31 (Friday) – June 2 (Sunday)
Navy Pier, Chicago IL

Here is a link to the North Central Regional event page.

Anyone from CrossFit 515 who is interested in going, I’ll lay out some info here.  It’s a great experience, so if you have the chance to come, I would definitely recommend it!

Hotels- Here is a link to some discounted hotels available thru CrossFit.
They are located by Midway airport, which is about 10 miles away from Navy Pier.  It looks like there might be public transportation that would get you down to Navy Pier also.
There must be a lot going on downtown Chicago that weekend, because a lot of stuff is already booked. Almost everything I’ve been able to find for hotels right down by the Pier are $500+ per night. The ones listed on this site above are much more reasonable.
The team will be staying at our aunt and uncles apt (here is the address in case anyone wants to do a search of their own: 1000 Lake Shore Drive, Chicago IL).
I’ll put up a sheet at the gym or you can comment on the message board here and people wanting roommates can try to coordinate if they want. Everyone might want to start planning now thou, cause it seems like stuff might fill up quickly.

Tickets- Here is the link to buy tickets.
The competition will be Friday thru Sunday (pretty much all day each day…there’s a lot to see). Looks like they are selling 3-day passes for $40 or 1-day passes for $15.

Good luck Team 515 🙂

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