Athlete of the Month: Jordanne Beach

Athlete of the Month: Jordanne Beach

Birthday: Mar 29 1982jordanne1
CrossFit Birthday: Mar 7 2012

How did you hear about CF?
I actually heard about it from a teammate a couple of years ago and thought it was absolutely insane. Fast forward to early 2012 when I was searching for a cross-training program that would help me rehab my injured knee and take me to the next level of competitive roller derby. I found 515, and the rest is history.

How has CF changed your life?
How hasn’t CF changed my life, would be a more accurate way of putting it. I’m mentally and physically stronger for certain, and finally starting to hold my own at coed derby practice is VERY nice. It’s so refreshing to focus and enjoy what I can DO, instead of how I look.

Favorite or least favorite movement?
I do love lifts in all flavors, but on the other hand, everything is a least favorite movement until I master it; I don’t know if I should be excited or afraid that there are still so many.
Except burpees. Burpees can languish in the recesses of the deepest pits of the abyss.

Job info:
Data entry desk job downtown – say that 10 times fast.

Family info:
I am the eldest (and shortest) sibling of four, and my whole family lives in Malaysia.

Something funny or interesting about me?
I’ll give you three:
1) I play roller derby for Team United and my skater name is Wonton Hammer, #6 (w/eggroll).
2) The T-Rex is my CF spirit animal.
3) I have an almost unhealthy obsession with paleo microwave mug cakes.

Favorite saying?
‘Good players inspire themselves. Great players inspire others.’ and ‘Pain today, strength tomorrow’
And sometimes, ‘Oh god, whyy.’

Most/least favorite song to WOD to?
I feel terrible admitting this, but I mostly tune out what’s playing at 515. It’s nerdy, but I imagine I’m WOD-ing to Amon Amarth, Skalmold, Eluveitie or Ex Deo instead, and I have this crazy idea that I should try to double under to Korpiklaani. If anyone else is into pagan/folk/viking/death/operatic metal, raise your hand…

Favorite movie?jordanne2
I’m a big fan of fantasy/period epics with scads of battle porn: axes, swords, siege engines, the works.

What movement or skill were you most excited about when you were able to do it?
The first, and certainly not the last, would have to be pullups. I remember Bobby showing me the bar and thinking that I was surely going to fall to my death, it seemed so high up. I did end up falling off the bar a couple of months ago, but I survived to quest for more movements to master (and hate).

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