515 Throwdown 2.0

515 Throwdown 2.0

*Saturday February 16th @ 8:30am

*Like last time, workouts will be announced that morning, and each athlete will be judged and held to movement standards. This will be a great taste of what the Open is all about!

*Rx & Scaled Divisions

*Please sign up at the gym front desk by February 14th (specify division)

*2-3 workouts

*1st heat will start about 9:15am.  Depending on participation, we anticipate being done around noon.  Arrive at 8:30 (like normal) to warmup.

*This mini competition will take the place of normal Saturday 8:30am class.

*See Bobby or Jaime with questions

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4 Responses to 515 Throwdown 2.0

  1. Taylor says:

    I plan on being there to cheer everyone on!!! Woot woot!

  2. Jordanne says:

    Ohes gnoes – unless practice is cancelled, I can’t make it this time 🙁
    Can’t wait to hear how everyone kicked ass and took names, though.

    p/s – I’m not dead. For some reason, Mozilla on my home Mac has classified this site as an attack site and won’t let me in. Still trying to figure it out 😛

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