Make Up/Challenge/Skill DAY

Thanks for sharing the video below Mindy! ¬†Study up Lindsay and Jaime ūüėČ


January ‚ÄúCOOL‚ÄĚ Board

***Make some goals for yourself for January

Р Michelle Р170# Split Jerk
Р Jaime Р200# Front Squat
Р Curtis Р195# Power Clean
Р Jared Р3:54 Fran
Р Annette Р5:59 Fran
Р Adam P. Р3:08 Fran
Р Leann Р6:48 Fran
Р Justin P. Р3:17 Fran
Р Todd F. Р3:46 Fran
– ¬†Jodi – Fran as Rx’d
Р Van Р3:26 Fran
Р Aaron Р1st Muscle Up!
Р Devin Р1st Muscle Up!
Р Lindsay Р160# Power Clean
Р Kady Р175# Squat Clean
Р Cassie РKicked A$$
Р Tony the Tiger Р265# Split Jerk
Р Jess Р115# Clean
Р Mindy Р165# Split Clean
Р Brandie Р180# Power Clean
Р Justin P. Р275# Power Clean
Р Van Р305# Squat Clean
Р Jim Р175# Power Clean
Р Ben K. Р275# Power Clean
Р Billy Р240# Power Clean
Р Drew Р185# Split Jerk
Р Kaylee Р1st Pull Up!!
Р Billy Р185# Squat Snatch
Р Pat Р235# Power Snatch
Р Nate Р210# Snatch
Р Kady Р4 Consecutive Muscle Ups
Р Jim Р32 Consecutive Pull Ups
Р Annette Р280# Deadlift (2 x Bodyweight!)
Р Danielle Р235# Deadlift
Р Ben K. Р445# Deadlift
Р J*Dawg Р145# Power Snatch
Р Nate Р290# Split Jerk
Р Eddie Р1st Rope Climb!
Р Steve H. Р1st Muscle Up!!
Р Lance Р375# Front Squat
Р Tiffany Р145# Front Squat
Р Brian S. Р245# Front Squat
Р Kady Р54 Consecutive Double Unders
Р Linda РPull Ups with Band
Р Sheila Р4 Kipping Handstand Push Ups
Р Adam P. Р205# Hang Clean
Р Rob Р210# Hang Clean
Р Steve Р1st Rope Climb
Р Joe Р1st Bar Muscle Up!
Р Kady Р170# C&J
Р Jaime Р185# C&J
Р Jaime Р190# Squat Clean
Р Bobby Р300# C&J
Р Billy Р255# Hang Squat Clean
Р J.V. Р400# Deadlift
–¬†¬†Ben K. – 195# Hang Snatch
Р Annette Р64 Consecutive Doublue Unders
Р Tiffany Р220# Deadlift
Р John РCompleted Flight Simulator WOD
¬†Jaime – 10 Consecutive Butterfly C2B PU’s
Р Lindsay Р5 Consecutive Muscle Ups
Р Kady Р6 Consecutive Muscle Ups

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