Everything Looks Cooler in Slow Motion

These were some of the MANLIEST moments in my life prior to the video below. ¬†The other reason I put this up is because Justin will eventually leak them out so why not ūüôā

And the below video is literally what has been happening inside my mind since last Friday…….

I have been doing CrossFit for a little over 3 years now and reflecting back on the experiences and transformations makes me incredibly happy and proud of what “515” has become and means to me. ¬†We have been through a lot, some good, some bad, but for the most part I wouldn’t change a thing. ¬†Looking back at the past only makes me realize how fortunate we are to have the opportunity to train and train with all of the amazing people that walk through our doors each day. ¬†The good ones just seem to “stick.” ¬†Disclaimer, by good I mean absolutely nothing about athletic ability. ¬†I am still not sure what it is about the people that “stick” or the atmosphere that has been created, but something (if not multiple somethings) special happens inside those 4 walls each and every day. ¬†It simply blows my mind what we all begin to accept as “normal.” ¬†CrossFit teaches people to work hard towards their goals and to no longer accept mediocrity as normal, in the gym as well as in all aspects of life. ¬†However special CrossFit is in itself, 515 represents what I believe CrossFit to truly be in its purest form. ¬†Amazing athletes, even better people, friends that get together to push themselves mentally and physically because they know it is making them better….at life ūüôā ¬†I watch people do things and accomplish goals that they never thought were possible. ¬†Having absolutely anything to do with that feeling of accomplishment they have is the most rewarding experience I have ever had. ¬†And I get to experience that A LOT, because apparently 515 breeds freaks (in a good way). ¬†I have always believed that actually writing down your goals is the best way to make it a legitimate and attainable action in your own mind. ¬†As Lance always says to me, you have to make the lift in your mind before ever touching the bar, the rest is easy. ¬†Once you put in the work and break that mental barrier the rest is simply the rewarding part. ¬†Not trying to make this too much about me, but I made picking up and putting 300# overhead a goal and let it consume me for waaaay too long. ¬†It was so far from the type of athlete that I used to be and in my mind I literally thought it was never something I would do. ¬†When I started CrossFit 3 years ago I believe my max clean & jerk was 185#. ¬†Exactly one year ago the most weight I had clean & jerked was 225#. ¬†On Friday I hit 300#. ¬†If someone would have told me I could do that 3 years ago I would have thought they were crazy. ¬†If someone would have told me I could do that a year ago I would have laughed at them. ¬†If someone says that to me tomorrow I will ask them if they care if I try a little heavier. ¬†I still do not put olympic lifting up on some untouchable pedestal that a lot of CrossFit seems to do, but it was something I never thought was in my DNA. ¬†I guess my point with all of this is that CrossFit and more specifically 515 can literally tear down physical and mental barriers and allow you to become something you never thought was possible. ¬†To me 515 represents a toughness and will to be the best you possibly can, while doing it the right way. ¬†I am humbled at the opportunities I have been given and only hope to never take something so special for granted. ¬†Thank you to each and every person that walks in those doors each day.

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