Black/Blue/Grey WODs


–  Partner Workout (Only 1 person working at a time)

For time:
Clean and jerk, 30 reps (135/95) (95/65) (65/45)
Run 1 mile
15 foot Rope climb, 10 ascents (3 x Progressions)
Run 1 mile
100 Burpees

Post time to comments.

–  If anyone really wants to go solo good luck 🙂

Former U.S. Navy SEAL Glen Doherty, 42, of Winchester, Massachusetts, assigned to a State Department security detail in Benghazi, Libya, died in an attack on a U.S. consulate on September 11, 2012. He is survived by his parents, Ben and Barbara, sister Katie, and brother Greg.

October “COOL” Board

***Make some goals for yourself for October

–  Shelley – 1st Bar Muscle Up
–  Billy – 215# Overhead Squat
–  Jeff – 1st Muscle Up!
–  Tony – 10 Consecutive Muscle Ups
–  Mindy – 225# Deadlift
–  Brian S. – 415# Deadlift
–  Jeremy – 405# Deadlift
–  Annette – 20 Consecutive Pull Ups
–  Beth – Butterfly Pull Ups
–  Eddie – 100 Pull Ups in WOD
–  Melissa – 20″ Box Jump
–  Landon – “Supposedly” Rolled Over
–  Rian – 1st Bar Muscle Up
–  Meghan – 1st Bar Muscle Up
–  J.V. – 1st Bar Muscle Up
–  Lauren – 1st Bar Muscle Up
–  Susan C. – 1st Rope Climb

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20 Responses to 10/12/12

  1. Todd says:

    RIP Glen! …and thank you. Glen, partnered with Annette (rx’d weight): 24:49.

    I was inspired watching Jamie doing this one solo. Today is a good day.

  2. Mindy says:

    Teamed up with Eddie for “Glen” 24:16

  3. Meghan says:

    Team WOD with Jordyn 65# for the C&J for both of us and rope climb progressions for Jordyn (her new goal is to get a rope climb, I think she may be hooked:) – 24:55

    AWESOME BAR MUSCLE UP SHELLEY!!!!!! I knew you were going to get one and I am very happy I got to see it:)

  4. Tony says:

    Teamed up with Brian, Glen in 18:38. Great high intensity team workout, I cringed watching Jaime do it alone.

    Then did the 25 WB,T2B,push press, pull-up wod in 4:39. The 200 meters with the kettle bell was awful.

  5. Lauren says:

    Awesome job everyone esp Shelly&Meg w/ their BMUs. Hoping “Glen” goes better than my Paleo pancake attempt this am. Be there at 5:30 w/ bells and game face on.

  6. Jaime says:

    “Glen” as Rx’d & solo – 27:34
    Tough one but an honor do it. Hero WOD days are always inspiring for me, not only to do a workout with an extra perspective to it, but to watch others do the same is pretty great. Some awesome efforts today so far.
    Oh and next time I get a 3 min head start, Annette and Todd…before we started, that’s about what I thought I’d need, and I was right 😉 Good work.

  7. Annette says:

    Not the same workout at all. It was fun as a partner WOD. I felt bad about that at first and then decided to re-frame it and be glad I had a teammate and community of support when facing a difficult challenge. I needed and was grateful for rest doing half the reps. You never stopped moving. Incredible display of work capacity. Fitness!

  8. John Jackovin says:

    Glen as Rx’d solo – 34:53 I had thought I PR’d on my clean & jerks but I was actually 5 seconds off my PR which is kind of crazy none the less. Rope climbs and burpees killed me.

  9. nate says:

    Glen RX’d 31:58 i believe… i hate counting to 100 on a long workout! i enjoyed it. thank you for your service Glen.

  10. Lauren says:

    Convinced Kady to tag team Glen with me. Rx’d in 23:34. Great partner wod & luved being able to train with her before she heads down to the Sunshine State. Huge kudos to Leann who tackled the wod solo and Rx. What a great day at our gym! Reading all the encouraging posts from everyone is just reason 101 that I LUV 515!

  11. Leann says:

    Glen 44:13 solo:) I had calculated a goal of 45:00 in my head. Well, that and to survive it solo! Huge thanks to Danielle for tackling the last 800 meters with me!