Athlete of the Month: Adam Porath

Athlete of the Month: Adam Porath

Crossfit Birthday: 01/03/10

How did you hear about crossfit?
Two weird co-workers of mine named Ben Woods and Will Ostoj were doing a lot of sweating and grunting in the hallways at work. I thought I would tag along and see what all of the racket was about. Cindy was my first WOD and I was doing strict pull ups and horrible squats with no depth. I got through eight
rounds in the twenty minutes and almost died, not being able to extend my arms or squat down for three days.

Favorite/ least favorite movements or workouts?
My least favorite movement is and will always be the overhead squat. I would like to say that I have gotten good at almost everything in the near three years I have been Crossfitting but my shoulder flexibility gets in the way of a couple of things. I guess twenty-eight years of bad posture and improper training can’t be fixed in three years.
My most favorite movement would have to be the box jump. I think partly because I am decent at it but also because my kids love to mimic me at home when I am doing them.

How has crossfit changed your life?
Crossfit has changed my whole outlook on fitness and my diet. I started working out at Prarie Life Fitness doing the standard, run, lift, run, lift. I was getting nowhere besides having knee and shoulder problems. Besides falling off a box once and landing on my butt I haven’t had any major problems with my body since starting Crossfit. I have definitely noticed that I have gotten leaner, stronger and more confident in my fitness abilities.
I have also changed my diet dramatically after starting Crossfit. I really don’t follow any one specific diet but I avoid sugar, pack in the protein, vegetables and nuts and eat whenever I am hungry. I find now that when I have ‘off’ days with my food that I sleep worse, feel worse and usually my next workout suffers.

Job info:
I have been a Police Officer for West Des Moines for nine years. Every day is more exciting than the last and it is always new.

Family info:
A wife and two kids in a house with a fenced yard in the suburbs. I’m still working on getting the mini-van to top it all off.

Something funny/ interesting about me:
This always makes the ladies cringe. I don’t like chocolate. Yes, I have tried dark, light, milk, peanut butter infused and all other variations. Nope, still don’t like it.

Favorite saying: I have two – Do good. What else would you do? And – The higher a monkey climbs a tree, the more people can see his ass.

Most/ least favorite song to wod to?
My favorite is Feel Good Inc. by Gorillaz. It’s just got a good beat that seems to get mybody moving. My least favorite…I don’t think I have one. Depends on the day.

Favorite Movie:
The Lord of the Rings Series because it has everything. It’s an underdog story, underlying romantic tones, epic battle scenes, a power struggle between good and evil, political back stabbing, ghosts, wonderful music and elves. The movie also ends well, what better could you get?

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