For time:
25 Walking lunge steps
20 Pull-ups (with Bands) (Ring Rows)
50 Box jumps (20″) (12″) (8″)
20 Double-unders (3 x Singles)
25 Ring dips (with Band) (Hands on Box)
20 Knees to elbows (Hanging Knee Raises) (Leg Raises)
30 Kettlebell swings (70/53) (53/35) (35/26)
30 Sit-ups (Ab-Mat)
20 Hang squat cleans (35/25) (25/15) (15/10)
25 Back extensions
30 Wall ball shots (20/14) (14/10) (10/6)
3 Rope climb ascents (3 x Progressions)

Post time to comments.

August “COOL” Board

***Make some goals for yourself for August

–  Klay – 1st Muscle Up!!
–  Kady – 1st Strict Handstand Push Up
–  Annette – Filthy Fifty AS RX’D
–  Tyler – 52 Double Unders
–  Monique – 1st Rope Climb!
–  Leann – Diane as Rx’d
–  Kady – 30 Muscle Ups For Time
–  Michelle – 170# Overhead Squat
–  Jaime – 190# Front Squat
–  Janet – 105 Pull Ups Rx’d
–  Lauren – Grace in 3:38
–  Lindsay – Muscle Ups Again
–  Leann – 53# KB in WOD
–  Jaime – 195# Split Jerk
–  Bobby – 300# Split Jerk
–  Justin P. – 235# Power Clean (like butta)
–  Nate – Fran in 3:09
–  Jaime – KING KONG AS RX’D
–  Mindy – 150# Power Clean
–  Michelle – 175# Power Clean
–  Jodi – 100# Power Clean
–  Ben – 270# Power Clean
–  Nate 255# Power Clean
–  Justin P. – 255# Power Clean
–  Kady – 165# Power Clean
–  Wes – 175# Power Clean
–  Adam P. – 185# Power Clean
–  Mark – 195# Power Clean

–  John – 265# Power Clean

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25 Responses to 8/27/12

  1. Adam S says:

    Beast 12 as Rx’d — 14:59 (PR by 4:35)

    a great start to a Monday…lots of great efforts this morning, fun to watch everyone pushing so hard.

  2. Todd says:

    Beast 12, rx’d: 14:46.

    Towards the end, I was getting a little dizzy which brings to mind a quote from one of my favorite movies ever:

    “… I dreamt I was as light as the ether- a floating spirit visiting things to come. The shades and shadows of the people in my life rassled their way their way into my slumber.”

  3. Jaime says:

    Beast 12 as Rxd- 13:27

    Todd, I sometimes wonder what it’s like to be in your head, haha 🙂

    • Todd says:

      Awesome job Jaime! Wow. And, as an fyi, my head is a fantastical place, magical and scary all at once.

  4. Lindsay says:

    Beast 12 rx’d – 17:59. Ouch. I’ve never had a great experience with the Beast, and today was no exception. Was feeling light headed for awhile after this one. I swear, rope climbs are never so hard as at the end of this workout!

  5. John Jackovin says:

    Suggestions for a “no hand” workout? Maybe 400M walking lunges with a vest? May 4 rounds of 400M run, GHDs and box jumps? Thoughts?

    • Justin Vaught says:

      Definitely do NOT need a vest for 400m walking lunge…that one sucks enough and will leave you sore with bodyweight (at least it did for me both times I have done it).

      Michael and Griff are good “hand-less” workouts as well

    • Annette says:

      Sorry to hear about your hands, John. Sounds really awful.

      Air squats, jumping lunges and med ball cleans (?) come to mind for some more variety. Come up with your own tabata something else variation …

    • Lindsay says:

      Agree with Justin — no vest necessary with 400m walking lunges!

      We’ve done some good air squat / running ones before …
      3 rounds – 50 air squats, 400m run
      Or Tabata air squats (was it bottom to bottom?), then immediately run a mile

      • Justin Vaught says:

        I am pretty sure the first workout you referenced is 4 rounds: Run 400m then 50 air squats..

        And yes, it was bottom to bottom air squats then run a mile immediately after.

  6. Annette says:

    Beast 12 (ring dips w/ purple band): 24:20.

    Wish I could lose that purple band, but I tried, and it is obviously alot more help than I thought.

    Now that I’ve had some time to cool down, I have decided to forgive whoever made this one up for putting those 3 rope climbs at the end… because they were nice enough to only make me do 20 double-unders at the beginning.

    I agree with Adam — lots of smokin’ times this morning – you guys are BEASTS! 🙂

  7. Leann says:

    Beast 12 (almost Rx’d) 33:44. Like Annette, Im working on getting rid of that silly,tiny little purple band. Did 10 with only half of the band, which really slowed me down. That & kb swings. Never in a year of cf do I recall a 53# kb swing and I’ve done them twice in the last 3 weeks! I was able to string together a few more today though:)

  8. Billy says:

    Worked on Front Squats a bit, the knee seems to be coming back pretty well now.

    Then, did the Muscle Up, Box jump WOD from yesterday Rx’d – 5:40

    Beast 12 tonight….

  9. kady says:

    Beast 12: as rx’d 17:38 never done this one before today… rope climbs were brutal at the end! so were wall balls, ring dips, kb swings… the whole thing :/

  10. Adam P says:

    Today ad rx’d = 10:08

  11. Bobby says:

    Didn’t have such a great day this morning but somehow redeemed myself this afternoon
    Max Power Clean – 265# PR
    Beast 12 as Rx’d – 8:21 PR

    Lots of fast times and great efforts on a tough workout, good start to the week!

  12. Lauren says:

    Beast rx 17:19. This one had quite a few of my favorite movements plus a few I need to improve on ie. 53lb KBS,DB squat cleans, WBs & rope climbs. Thanks to Mindy for going head to head w/ me on this one. You gave me a run for my $ lady. Also big thanx to Michelle & Jamie for the push ESP on the rope climbs. My arms were toast by that point so needed the encouragement do I didn’t careen to my death 😉 You guys are the best!

  13. Mindy says:

    Beast as rx’d 17:34, fun going head to head w/Lauren!

    and thanks Sissy as always for pushing me 🙂