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July “COOL” Board

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5 Responses to 7/3/12

  1. Todd says:

    I did Sandbag/Tire flip wod: 8:16

    And then I did 2 minute box jump challenge with Annette: 85.

    • Annette says:

      I tried to keep even with Todd, disaster! Total collapse under pressure. I ended up with 50 and then did the 35 so I didn’t feel like such a pansy for actually giving up with 10 seconds on the clock.

      I did the bear crawl/ broad jump / burpee WOD. I gave up trying to bear crawl fast – though slowing down didn’t make it any less awkward – I seriously was ready to trade the bear crawl for more burpees (even after yesterday)!

  2. Jim says:

    Saturday’s team WOD with Shelley, Bob J, and Danielle. 21:40.

    Thanks team – great fun!

  3. Billy says:

    70 Burpee Chipper from yesterday – 10:47