Snatch 6 x 2



June “COOL” Board

***Make some goals for yourself for June

–  Annette – 240# Deadlift
–  Meghan – 260# Deadlift
–  Taylor – 235# Deadlift
–  Drew – 375# Deadlift
–  Justin V. – 160# Snatch
–  Howard – 1st WOD with handstand pushups (2 abmats)
–  Danielle – 1st WOD with handstand pushups (2 abmats)
–  Justin V. – 215# Clean & Jerk
–  Nate – 1st Muscle Up!!!
–  Lindsay – Lost 20 Pounds!
–  Loree – 1st Rope Climb!
–  Kelli – 1st Rope Climb!
–  Leann – 7:26 Mile
–  Michelle – Grace in 1:50
–  Jaime – Grace in 1:41
–  Jaime – Fran in 2:56
–  Jim – Fran in 8:44
–  Kady – Grace in 3:26
–  Justin P. – Grace in 2:48
–  Justin P. – 1st Muscle Up to Ring Handstand Push Up
–  Shelley – Fran in 6:28

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25 Responses to 6/18/12

  1. Annette says:

    Snatch: 65-75-85-95(1!,f :-(),-90-90. The 95# is a new 1RM. I REALLY wanted to get it twice and go for 100, but decided to leave with two good lifts. The last time we did snatches I was a clumsy mess and I didn’t know what was going wrong. Today when I missed, I felt like I knew why. Now if I can just get it all together…

    2nd WOD (blue): 6:00 w/ 5 burpees.

  2. Adam S says:

    Snatch — worked up to 2 reps @ 135#, using split technique
    got 145# once but had to press it out a little

    Mystery WOD as Rx’d — 10:28 with too many burpees…

  3. Todd says:

    6×2 Snatches: worked up to 130#. I need to work on technique and failing behind. I’m getting the bar high enough…just not getting under it…because I’m scared.

    Mystery WOD, as rx’d: 12:29. I did 50 burpees which was way, WAY stupid.

  4. Justin Vaught says:

    Yesterday was a great Crossfit day for me and I had to share. When I first started CF in June of 2010 I had beautiful biceps some nice triceps from the tricep extension machine thingy and thought I would give this CF stuff a try in conjunction with what I already thought was working to a degree in the “normal” gym. From my first workouts in the Noyce garage that summer I was beyond humbled. I have yet to meet a person that hasnt gone through the initial “What the hell?” I went through as I struggled to perform basic HUMAN movements with extremely light loads. The ultimate nemesis of mine was the squat, and if anything is going to shine your weaknesses in the squat, it’s the overhead squat. It requires tremendous core strength, hip/shoulder flexibility, balance/stability and leaves very little room for error.

    I remember my first attempts outside of a PVC pipe and it was ugly. I was grimacing and bailing out of an OH squat with the empty 35# training bar (I kid you not, Bobby and Jaime can attest). It was a movement I hated and one that I always hoped didnt show up on WODs (hell, I still have gorgeous biceps, right?) After a while I got real sick of dodging this terrible (/read – extremely challenging and beneficial movement) and began working on them often. In conjunction with squat work, flexibility focus and continually grunting through the demands of CF wods, they got better…slowly.

    One workout in particular that always seemed to humble me just when I thought I was getting better at OH squats was a regional workout from 2010:

    3 rounds:
    10 OH squats @ 135#
    50 DU

    Easy enough, right? For the regional athletes that year it proved to be a sprint, but for me and my “favorite” movement, it turned into what felt like a marathon. Lets take a trip down memory lane to some of my previous ugly attempts:

    10/19/11 – 13:14 – Power snatched the first rep on the first set, first set OH squats unbroken. 2nd and 3rd sets were very broken with a behind the neck jerk to get the bar OH.

    7/18/11 – 16:43 – Very broken, all behind the neck jerks to get bar OH.

    Sometime early 2011/late 2010 – (Couldnt find the date or log, but God I remember it!) – Used 95# – very broken and somewhere around 16-20 mins.

    Yesterday morning I wanted to conquer this stupid workout that seemed to always have my number.

    Yesterday I got 4:29 – OH squats unbroken and squat snatched the first rep successfully every set. I know I still have more in the tank. It was beyond a huge break through for me.

    I’ll kick my soap box to the side now. I hear awesome stories from people all the time and just felt it had been a while since I have shared one of mine. The point of my rant isn’t to say “look at me”, but to show what some focus, practice and patience can do (sometimes patience being the hardest one to accept). We all started at different ability levels and improve at different paces. Moral of the story: Keep working. Use frustration as motivation. Reward yourself and be proud of every achievement. Compare yourself to yourself, not others in the gym. (again) Keep working…the payoff is pretty damn fun!

    • Todd says:

      Paid for by the CrossFit PAC!

      In all honesty Justin, this was written with perfect timing. We did snatches today, another overhead movement requiring shoulder flexibility (and timing)…not a strength of mine (and I’m being kind to myself). I felt a little dejected. But when I look from whence I came….wow! Thanks for the reminder: compare myself to myself.

      …back to your regularly scheduled programming.

    • Billy says:

      Nice Justin….that workout is a tough one!

    • tara says:

      That is awesome Justin! Great work by you and great advice too!

    • Leann says:


    • Annette says:

      That’s awesome Justin! WOW! Love it!

      Keep sharing the successes, they are so MOTIVATING!

      Unfortunately, every day in the gym can’t be awesome, some days I just.don’t.have.IT. Then I think back to where I started and that makes me smile. The not-so-hot days are part of what makes the really good days REALLY GOOD. I’ll definitely second the pretty damn fun!!

    • Lindsay says:

      You are a beautiful writer

    • Meghan McCoy says:

      Very cool Justin!

  5. Billy says:

    SS – 135, 145, 155, 160(1), 165(1), 165(1)

    101 push press @ 95 – 6:34

  6. taylor says:

    55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80

    2nd wod: 14:20 rx’d with 2000 burpees.

  7. Jaime says:

    Snatch: 85-95-105-110-115-120(1,f)
    Mystery WOD as Rx’d- 4:07 ..no burpees 🙂

  8. Bobby says:

    Snatch – got 185# twice, couldn’t get the 2nd at 195# and was done mentally after that 🙁
    Mystery WOD as Rx’d – 2:36 owww

  9. Michelle says:

    6×2 Snatches 85, 95, 105, 115(f), 115(f), 115

    Mystery wod as rx’d 6:00 no burpees!

  10. Shelley says:

    Snatch: 55,60,65,70,75,80 (1), 85(1)
    Mystery WOD as rx’d – 9:03 and NO BURPEES!!! Decided that if I could hold onto the bar as long as I did in the Jesus WOD, I would try to not put it down today.

  11. Meghan McCoy says:

    Snatches 85#

    Mystery 9:32 15 burpees long story with the burpees but honestly they were a nice break from the push press so I’m not that mad about doing them.

    Then me and Michelle just decided to workout all over town. First hill sprints at the Capitol then 2 pool workouts at 2 different pools actually. Good workouts and good tans:)

    • Shelley says:

      Pool WODs, I’m jealous. I had to play tennis in the heat and wind…not so much fun. At least Susan was there to “enjoy” it with me 🙂