–  Only 1 partner working at a time

–  For 1 minute As Many Air Squats As Possible (up to 60)

–  For next minute you have to get 60 Pull Ups MINUS However Many Squats you got

–  Goal is to go for as many minutes as possible

–  Squats only count while other partner is in the bottom of the squat position

–  Pull Ups only count while partner is in the plank position

June “COOL” Board

***Make some goals for yourself for June

–  Annette – 240# Deadlift
–  Meghan – 260# Deadlift
–  Taylor – 235# Deadlift

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4 Responses to 6/2/12

  1. Leann says:

    Nice pic Taylor!

    Did partner wod with Lauren. We made it through all 10 rounds. This “experiment” was a fun wod Bobby. Was getting pretty tough towards the end.

    Then I apparently “forced” Lauren to stay and do a 12 minute amrap with me: 5 pullups (wanted to work on butterlies,) 10 push ups, 15 double unders. It was tough after all the other pullups. But got 7 rounds + 12 du’s. Lauren smoked me;)

  2. Justin says:

    Fun class today!

    Somebody left an iPhone in a purple/pink casing at the gym, I put it behind the counter. I think Bobby is going back to the gym later today and will have him post on the board roughly what time.

  3. Jaime says:

    Death by Pullups: 21 + 12

    Congratulations Mindy and Eddie! Wedding was beautiful.

  4. Drew says:

    Partner work out with Seth today… we made it through all 10 rounds. My legs are really sore right now from all the squats!!

    Major PR for me on Thursday with a 375# deadlift!!