3 Rounds For Time:
400m Run
21 KB Swings (53/35)
(35/26) (26/18)
12 Pull-Ups (with Bands) (Ring Rows)

May “COOL” Board

***Make some goals for yourself for May

–  Taylor – WOD with 95# Power Cleans
–  Leann – WOD with 95# Power Cleans
–  Amber – WOD with 95# Power Cleans
–  Travis – WOD with 315# Deadlifts (like a BOSS!)
–  Jeremy – 1st Rope Climb
–  Bobby – 210# Snatch
–  Justin – 215# Jerk
–  Billy – 180# Snatch
–  Jim M. – 3:57 Fran
–  Mike C. – 1st Muscle Up!!!
–  Amber – 1st Kipping Pull Up!
–  Justin P. – 1 ARM PULL UP!!!
–  Justin V. – 3:15 Fran
–  Justin V. – 155# Snatch
–  Jaime – 130# Snatch

–  Meghan – 135# Hang Power Clean

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33 Responses to 5/22/12

  1. Justin B says:

    Helen rx’d – 9:09

    wanted under 10 min and got it.

  2. John Jackovin says:

    Helen RX’d 8:49.

  3. Todd says:

    Helen, as rx’d: 9:08 (44 sec. PR).

  4. Adam S says:

    Helen Rx’d — 8:17 (1:09 PR and Rx’d this time)

    first official Rx’d time for Helen, I liked this one.

  5. Meghan says:

    Helen rxd 9:09

    Got 11:05 on July 23rd which was the Helen Off. This is my favorite CrossFit workout so I was pretty happy this morning. Thanks for going with the soccer girls Bob it was fun:)

  6. Annette says:

    Helen, as rx’d: 19:04. P@ll*ps! Thanks for waiting and doing the last two with me Jodi! 🙂

  7. Travis B says:

    Today –
    Helen RX’d. 14:14

    Yesterday Did the modified WOD of Row/Weighted push-ups with 45#in 23:18 or something like then.

    Then did the WOD from last Thursday

    5 rds for time:
    10 Power cleans 135#
    15 Wall Balls 20#


  8. Jim M says:

    Helen RX’d 9:20;
    2:37 faster than first time.
    The 400’s need massive improvement.
    Awesome workout.

  9. Mindy says:

    Helen as rx’d 9:57

  10. Ash says:

    Helen as Rx’d 7:38

    20 sec PR

  11. Leann says:

    Whoa! Big PR’s this morning! Nice job everyone:)

  12. Meghan says:

    Hey I don’t know if you guys know these people but I have heard some of them are good at CrossFit:)


  13. Byron says:

    Yesterday’s WOD

    28 mins w 225# bench


    We need a happy hour or such to celebrate Jaime and Bobby’s success and to give the rest of us an excuse to drink beer!

  14. Ben says:

    i did 5×2 clean and jerks at my 85% – 195 lbs then did helen rx’d at 8:03. 16 second pr! that was a good day.

  15. Jaime says:

    “Helen” as rxd- 8:26
    2 sec PR…not bad considering my body still wanted me to be resting and recovering from this weekend and I pretty much “went Jaguar” (ie no warm up) on this after Ben convinced me to do it with him and Lance 🙂 Good race, boys! That was fun!

  16. kady says:

    Helen as rxd- 9:43

    First time doing Helen, and hate to say it Meghan, but that is definitely NOT my favorite 🙂 glad you can enjoy that one though!

    • Meghan says:

      Give her another chance she will grow on you:) Great job though you killed this one and the butterfly pullups looked awesome!

  17. taylor says:

    Helen – enjoyed it all except the pull-ups, still struggling with being able to hold the form/technique 🙁 cant wait to see how it goes next time…in a month or so.