Black/Blue/Grey WODs

For Time:

3 Rounds of:

21 WallBalls (20/14) (14/10) (10/6)

21 Toes-to-Bar (Hanging Knee Raises) (Leg Raises)

Then (immediately)

28 Burpee-Over-Box Jumps (24/20) (20/12) (12/8)

May “COOL” Board

***Make some goals for yourself for May

–  Taylor – WOD with 95# Power Cleans
–  Leann – WOD with 95# Power Cleans
–  Amber – WOD with 95# Power Cleans
–  Travis – WOD with 315# Deadlifts (like a BOSS!)
–  Jeremy – 1st Rope Climb
–  Bobby – 205# Snatch
–  Justin – 215# Jerk
–  Billy – 180# Snatch
–  Jim M. – 3:57 Fran
–  Mike C. – 1st Muscle Up!!!

–  Amber – 1st Kipping Pull Up!

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25 Responses to 5/11/12

  1. Todd says:

    Today’s WOD, rx’d: 13:30.

  2. Justin B says:

    Todays WOD as rx’d 11:58

  3. taylor says:

    Congrats Leann!! Very cool! Loved your answers on the athlete Q&A!

    • Lindsay says:

      Agreed. Awesome, Leann! You’ve been doing lots of amazing things in the gym lately!

    • Travis B says:

      Congrats Leann!! Very well deserved!!

      • Shelley says:

        Travis, are sure you dont’t want to reconsider Leann’s pink jump rope offer?
        Nice improvements! Hard work does pay off 🙂

    • Meghan says:

      I was very honored to workout with the Athlete of the Month this morning! Way to go Pink Lady you have been working so hard and it shows!

  4. Adam S says:

    Today’s WOD Rx’d – 12:53

  5. Travis B says:

    Todays’s WOD RX’d


    First time doing all TTB without them turning into hanging knee raises.

    Did them 1-2 at a time…but got it done.

  6. Ash says:

    Three rounds of:
    345 pound Deadlift, 7 reps
    7 Muscle-ups
    Three rounds of:
    21 Wall ball shots, 20lb ball
    21 Toes-to-bar
    100 foot Farmer carry, 100lb dumbbells
    28 Burpee box jumps, 24″ box
    100 foot Farmer carry, 100lb dumbbells
    3 Muscle-ups

  7. Meghan says:

    Today’s WOD rxd-13:32

  8. Leann says:

    Thanks everyone! Truly appreciate the support!

    P.S. I didn’t know I got my picture taken this morning. Had I known it was picture day, I would’ve at least combed my hair:)

    • Jaime says:

      Congrats Leann! The progress you’ve made over the last few months is impressive and inspiring to watch. You are very dedicated and your hard work shows big time. And you’re also always one of the first ones cheering others on and congratulating them on their accomplishments. Very deserving CrossFit 515 Athlete of the Month 🙂

      • Leann says:

        I’ve been overwhelmed by so many nice comments today, including this:) Thanks again. Everyone at 515 is amazing and so many of you have encouraged and helped me out along the way:)

    • Jaime says:

      Oh and we can re-take pics any time you want…but I think you look great, as always 🙂

  9. Mindy says:

    Today’s wod as rx’d 11:30

  10. Jaime says:

    Today’s WOD as rxd- 9:05

  11. Michelle says:

    Did regional WOD #6 this am w/ mu progressions 27:32

    Tonight practiced DB snatches got 10 70#!!

    • Jaime says:

      Great job, Michelle!

    • Leann says:

      Cool watching you and Ash do this one this morning. Great job!

      • Karina says:

        Hmmmm interesting. May need your help on figinurg out what to do Coach K. So you are saying perhaps? Complete once for official online competition best you can, but then perform a scaled version for the CFOIB Leaderboard?