John’s Birthday WOD

5 Rounds For Time:
6 Deadlifts (275/185) (185/135) (135/95)
7 Push Press (135/95) (95/65) (65/45)
400m Row

May “COOL” Board

***Make some goals for yourself for May

–  Taylor – WOD with 95# Power Cleans
–  Leann – WOD with 95# Power Cleans
–  Amber – WOD with 95# Power Cleans
–  Travis – WOD with 315# Deadlifts (like a BOSS!)

–  Jeremy – 1st Rope Climb

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29 Responses to 5/7/12

  1. John Jackovin says:

    Birthday WOD 12:35. I liked this one.

    • Kevin Christensen says:

      Glad you liked it, John! Happy Birthday! 5:30am class was crowded today — guess everyone was there to help you celebrate!

  2. Justin B says:

    Birthday WOD 18:11. got a heavy a lot sooner than I expected.

  3. Todd says:

    John’s Birthday WOD, rx’d: 18:00.

    Happy Birthday John! Here’s to another good year!

  4. Annette says:

    John’s Birthday WOD (185#/85#/Run): 21:11 I started out rx but couldn’t push press 95# consecutively :-(, oh, how I want to jerk!! So just a little too heavy for me, I think I got them at 85.

    Happy Birthday JOHN! 🙂

  5. Ash says:

    John’s Birthday WOD, rx’d – 12:10

    Happy Birrffday John!

  6. Shelley says:

    Happy Birthday John and what a great time on your WOD!

    John’s birthday WOD (135#/65#/run) – 15:31
    Tried some heavier push presses afterwards and was able to do some at 95# so was happy about that.

  7. taylor says:

    Bday wod: 185lb deadlifts/95lb push press/row, 22:17. got almost all the push press unbroken until the last 2 of rd 5.

  8. John Jackovin says:

    Thanks for all the Birffday wishes. Glad you all enjoyed that WOD! I found it quite fun.

  9. Leann says:

    The “I dont care for John so much right now” wod;)…30:08. Thanks for making me work on my weaknesses! 135#dl,
    85# pp. Woah!

  10. Billy says:

    Happy B-day John!!!

    Worked through Outlaw pragramming again today…got 165 for 3 reps on squat snatch…they felt good, so I went for a PR and ended up sticking 180! Thanks for all of the encouragement everybody! That’s a big PR for me.

    Then did snatch pulls at 225.

    Then did 3 rounds for time of:
    500m Row
    20 Wall Balls
    20 KB Swings @ 53#


    It was a good day…I needed that.

  11. Ben says:

    First day of the Outlas Way.

    5×3 Snatches at 125 then…
    3.3 Snatch Pulls at 165 (probably should have gone heavier) then….

    12 hspu (strict) then farmer carry 100lb dumbells until the minute expired. do this for 5 min. only could complete two rounds so i ended up holding the dumbbells for 20 seconds after each round just to get the burn. then…..

    3 rds for time of…
    row 500m
    20 wall balls (20lb)
    20 kb swings (53lb)

    i’m tired.

  12. Meghan says:


    Johns B-Day WOD- 18:11 did 135# DL to work on form because me and Bobby discovered on Thursday that I have been dead lifting wrong for over a year now. Then 95# for the PP, run.

    This was a good one John! And it was good to finally be reunited with Michelle I had fun trying to chase her down on the run every round.

  13. Jim M says:

    “Fran” 3:57 Rx’d. 59 sec improvement over first.

    Big John B-day WOD: 14:48 Rx’d
    Happy B-day!

  14. taylor says:

    ugh. double dose of pukey today –
    Outlaw wod – 3rds of 500m row, 20 wall balls (14#s) and 20 kb swings (35#s)- 14:57

  15. kady says:

    John’s Bday WOD

    As Rx’d 15:11

  16. Jaime says:

    Happy Birthday, John!

    John’s WOD w running instead of rowing- 12:07

  17. Michelle says:

    Happy Birthday John !!

    John’s Birthday WOD rx’d w/ run 17:06
    Had fun doing this w/Meghan!

    It was so wonderful to be back today & see everyone 🙂

    Awesome job tonight team!!

  18. Amber C. says:

    I don’t know who John is, but I don’t like his birthday. LOL! That was a tough workout! 135# deadlift, 65# push press and 2000 meters of running makes for very tired legs! Happy Birthday John!