Deadlift 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 (7×1)


Black/Blue/Grey WODs

3 rounds for time of:

100 Double-Unders (50 Double Unders) (200 Singles)
20 Pistols (10l/10r – apportion in any way) (Assisted) (40 Air Squats)
10 Push Jerks (155/105) (105/75) (75/45)

April “COOL” Board

***Make some goals for yourself for April

- Justin P. – 87 Consecutive Double Unders
–  Alyssa – 20 Consecutive Double Unders
–  Jim M. – “Fran” in 4:56!!
–  Lance – 135# Squat Snatch
–  BuckShark – 265# Squat Clean
–  Ash – 235# Clean & Jerk
–  Justin V. – 205# Clean & Jerk
–  Drew – 30″ Box Jump
–  Drew – 4 Consecutive Pull Ups
–  Travis B. – 5 Consecutive Pull Ups
–  Travis B. – 100 Pull Up WOD with NO BANDS
–  Caleb – 100 Pull Up WOD with NO BANDS
–  Jeremy – 100 Pull Up WOD with NO BANDS
–  Mindy – 200# Deadlift
–  Meghan – 225# Deadlift
–  Shelley – 80# Snatch
–  Michelle – 120# Snatch
–  Amber – 7 Consecutive Kipping Pull Ups

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29 Responses to 4/17/12

  1. Justin B says:

    Deadlift I worked up to 335#

    And then… Struggle bus! = 20:50 with 50 DU’s, assisted pistols and 135# push jerks. Was able to string 15 DU’s together which is a new PR but the goal for April is 20 so I’m getting closer.

  2. Adam S says:

    Deadlift — worked up to 385#, not a PR morning for me


    3 rds – 100 DUs, 20 assisted pistols, 10 push jerks @ 155#

  3. Todd says:

    Deadlift – worked up to 355, a 5# PR.

    3 rds: 100 dus, 20 assisted pistols, 10 push jerks at 135#. 18:01.

  4. Justin says:

    I went to 5:30 class this morning (gasp) and still trying to fully wake up. Hopefully will be making more appearances in the gym at the crack of dawn.

    First day using the Outlaw Programming. A few other members are working on implementing it into their training. If you are interested in their philosophy and how it’s structured, ask Jaime, Bobby or myself and we would be glad to answer as much as we know and do our best to make recommendations on how to potentially implement it into your training. I am planning on going through a three week trial phase and see how my body responds. It’s not for everyone but definitely want to expose the option for those interested. Anyway…

    5×2 snatch complex (Hang squat snatch, OH squat, snatch balance, OH squat) w/ 65% of 1RM snatch (used 95#) – Rest 75 seconds between sets

    Run 400m
    Rest 2 min
    Row 500
    Rest 2 min
    Run 400m
    Rest 1:30
    Row 500m
    Rest 1:30
    Run 400m
    Rest 1:00
    Row 500m

    I left all my splits and overall time in my gym bag so no numbers to report…but it huuuuurt and very challenging.

  5. Travis B says:


    185-215-235-275-305-345(f)-330(f)-325 for a PR.

    then the WOD-19:31

    Single unders
    assisted pistols
    115# push jerks

    And even better I have now lost 40 pounds. I would have never guessed i could do it…more to go though.

  6. Adam P says:

    Deadlift – Worked up to 345 lbs (Which is my old pr)
    Bonus WOD – 9:15 with assisted pistols and 115 lb push press. I did get 83 double unders in a row which blew my old 36 in a row out of the water.

  7. Byron says:

    First…great move with the newsletter Jaime & Bobby. Great way to connect us all to the gym.

    Second…traveling a great deal and began doctoral track last weekend so here’s to an interesting life the next 2 years.

    Third…representing 515 in the Boonecrusher on April 28th!

    Run 400
    1 min. rest
    Row 500 x 4 rds
    Run 800
    Row 1000 5th rd
    Kept -5/+5


    DL: stopped at 405

    WOD: 11:06

    • Michelle says:

      Agreed, The newsletter is awesome! Good work guys 🙂

      • Jaime says:

        Thanks guys, the newsletter turned out pretty great I think. Just so that Bobby and I don’t get all the credit…it was mostly the creative work of Lindsay and Justin…thank you both!! 🙂

        • Travis B says:

          I want to add that it is a great idea, and thank you for having me as your athlete of the month this month. Tons more capable folks more deserving than me!!

          • Tara says:

            Travis, congratulations!!! I believe this is about much more than capabilities. It is about hardwork, determination, heart, courage, positivity, and more so.
            While I don’t believe I’ve had the priveledge to meet you, I’ve been reading your posts and following your progress and there is no doubt that you are the right person to be given this honor!!! You bring so much to the gym and are in inspiration to many. WELL DONE!! CONGRATS ON YOUR PROGRESS SO FAR AND I LOOK FORWARD TO CONTINUE READING ABOUT YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS!!!! 🙂

          • Travis B says:

            Well thank you Tara, I appreciate that!! 🙂

      • Bobby says:

        Ya J-Dawg deserves most of the credit for the baller newsletter!!!!!

  8. Ben says:

    off day. the met con rx’d at 12:34. double unders were killing me.

  9. Jaime says:

    Outlaw snatch complex from yesterday: 65-75-85-95-105 (1,fail)
    then..7×2 deadlifts on the min each min at 225#
    then..bonus WOD as Rx’d – 10:58
    Bobby’s “More Buckshark” challenge as Rx’d – 19:32
    Rest day tomorrow 🙂

  10. taylor says:

    Deadlifts: 165-185-200-200-205-215-225

    My goal was 200lbs tonight, previous deadlift max was 185, so 225 is a huge PR for me – 40#PR! So excited.

  11. MIndy says:

    Yesterday – Clean and Jerk: worked up to 145# – 5#PR

    This morning – Shoulder Press: 85# – 5#PR
    Today’s wod as rx’d 17:35

    This evening – Sunday’s 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 C2B Pull-ups, Box jump, GHD: 16:38

  12. Lindsay says:

    Multi-colored wod for me today – Rx’d for double unders, 40 air squats, jerks at 85# – 15:42