Make Up/Challenge/Skill DAY

April “COOL” Board

***Make some goals for yourself for April

Justin P. – 87 Consecutive Double Unders
–  Alyssa – 20 Consecutive Double Unders
–  Jim M. – “Fran” in 4:56!!
–  Lance – 135# Squat Snatch
BuckShark – 265# Squat Clean
–  Ash – 235# Clean & Jerk

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11 Responses to 4/10/12

  1. taylor says:

    Nancy – 11:05 w/bands

    Yesterday Clean & Jerks got 110 lbs, failed at 115 but the only other time I’d done these I only use 65lbs. Thanks to Billy I was able to get a PR I was completely happy with!

  2. Adam S says:

    Pheezy WOD — not completely Rx’d , had to do the Push Jerks @ 135#

  3. Justin says:

    Yesterday: C&J – 205# (10#pr). FINALLY got >200# over my head! Have been wanting to break through that mental barrier for awhile now. Still have a good 20# on my jerk tho to catch up with my clean.

    AMRAP 5: 30 Dubz, 20 Box Jumps 30″ – 3 rds + 46 reps

  4. Travis B says:

    Today made up “Pheezy” – 23:40

    125# push jerks and front squats
    225# dead lifts
    Hanging leg raises.
    Pull-ups – WITHOUT BANDS! Finally. Squeezed out 5 consecutive first round, then it was 1, 2, or 3 at a time. 🙂

    Thanks to Ash, Jamie, Shelley, Bobby, Drew, Megan, and Adam for cheering me on this morning!!

    That made up for yesterday’s absolute debacle.

    Clean and jerks – Got up to 155#, and then all hell broke loose in my head. I could not get 160. Bet I failed 15-20 times. I don’t know what my problem was, but I could not get it through my thick skull to drop under it. Had to go all the way back to 115# for last 2 reps.

    Thanks Ash, Adam and Jamie for at least trying to pound the point home. I will get it.

  5. Drew says:

    Nice work today T-Bell. Doing a WOD without bands is one of my next goals. Did “Jackie” today in 10:43 pull-ups with bands. Yesterday I was able to do 4 consecutive pull ups and landed a 30″ box jump!! Lots of impressive work by all in the gym the last few days!!

  6. Lindsay says:

    Jackie rx’d – 10:53. Still faster than my first rx’d Jackie time 1 1/2 months into starting crossfit (11:24) 🙂

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