Black/Blue/Grey WODs

Five rounds for time of:
Barbell Overhead walking lunges, 50 feet (45/35) (35/25) (25/15)
21 Burpees

Let trailing knee gently kiss the ground on each lunge.

Post time to comments.

April “Cool” Board

***Make some goals for yourself for April

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14 Responses to 4/3/12

  1. taylor says:

    35lb barbell 14:20

  2. Todd says:

    Today’s WOD, rx’d: 15:06.

  3. Adam S says:

    Today’s WOD, Rx’d – 12:39

    PR by 4:14, oh what a difference a year makes with CrossFit…
    something as simple as throwing yourself on the ground and getting back up

  4. Travis B says:

    Today’s WOD RX’d at 16:13

    Form got a little sloppy on the lunges. I will blame that on the 2 hours of sleep yesterday. Been on the overnight shift for almost 2 years now and still have trouble with this thing called sleep sometimes.

    Burpees, what can I say, I have to figure something different out for you fellas…

  5. Billy says:

    Yesterday i did the Quad Cities WOD of:

    10 Muscle Ups
    30 Box Jumps @ 36″
    Run 800m
    10 HSPU’s
    30 Pull Ups
    10 Squat Snatch @ 115
    50 DU’s
    1 Rope Climb


    Today’s WOD – 7:56

  6. Jaime says:

    Today’s WOD as Rx’d – 9:05
    1:51 faster than when we did this workout last February. Thanks for going head to head with me this morning, Michelle! Always good to have a push 🙂

  7. Meghan says:

    Today’s WOD 12:32

  8. Shelley says:

    Today’s WOD – 10:45 That last round of burpees was terrible ….. had to push hard not to stop.

  9. Michelle says:

    Today’s WOD as rx’d 9:45 Had fun doing this wod with Jaime, you’re welcome & thank you for the push 🙂

    Yesterday I practiced doing snatches, and got a 110# squat snatch 5# PR for me! Then did the wallball/burpee WOD from Sunday w/ 16# ball 4:48

    Saturday did thrusters w/ Mindy and Tara, 5×3
    95-105-115-125-135 then 140 (1)
    then did the C&J T2B WOD as rx’d 3:39

  10. Mindy says:

    Today’s wod as rx’d 11:28

  11. Ben says:

    today’s rx’d 11:30. think i should have gone head to head with someone. i needed a push. lolly gagged.

  12. Leann says:

    My biggest hopes was to do it in 12… got it in 11:52:) I hated/loved this one!

  13. Lindsay says:

    13:20. I would be ok with burpees not coming up again for a couple months