Upcoming Events & CrossFit Competitions

Anyone interested in doing some competitions, we thought we would share some up-coming opportunities.

August 13th: “Fittest Gym Challenge”

Click here for details
This event is in honor of Scott, Brian, & Tara Krueger’s nephew, Will.  All proceeds go to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training.  If you’re interested in donating, the links below are for Nick & Jasmine’s team in training fund raising.

September 18th: CrossFit Lincoln “Soldier Challenge”

There is a team competition in Lincoln, NE.  Bobby, Jaime, Lindsay and Bart already have plans to take a team.  We were thinking there might be interest in forming another team or 2 to go as well.  Below is all the info.  Talk to Bobby, Jaime, or Lindsay if you might be interested.

The event will consist of teams of two men and two women, for a total of four team members. There will be a Rx’d division and a Non-Rx’d division, so all skill levels are welcome! The teams will be asked to complete three workouts, with each member doing two workouts total.

The workouts are still under review but will be referenced after soldiers of the past:
The Viking
The Spartan
The Gladiator

Why: To get local CrossFitters together to compete, meet and have fun!
Price: $200.00 per team …so split 4 ways is $50/person
Who: Any Crossfitters willing to come and compete!
What: “Soldier” Challenge 2011
When: Sunday September 18th, 2011. Competition will run from 9am-5pm.
Where: Lincoln, NE (location to be announced, possibly outside!)

We know that FGB6 is the day before, so we invite everyone to come to Lincoln a day early and do it at our box!

October 1st: Life as Rx CrossFit Competition in Chicago

Bobby, Jaime and Lindsay have signed up to compete individually, but some guys (Ash? Justin?) might be interested in competing on a team.  It’s at the Europa sports expo, and the competition is free, including free admission to the expo.  (Spectators have to pay the expo admission fee).  Teams are 4-6 people with a one woman minimum.  Check in is Friday Sept 30 from 3-6 pm, and the entire competition is Saturday Oct 1.
Based on the workouts at the two competitions they’ve already held, individuals will do 3 workouts – expect heavy barbell stuff (135/95), with 2 of the wods being shorter (10 min or under) and the other wod 15+ min.  Teams will do 3 workouts that will probably mirror the individual wods, like regionals.
Here is the sign up & details: https://www.asrx.com/ustour/chicago/
Talk to Bobby, Jaime or Lindsay if you might be interested or want more info.

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