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July “Cool” Board

***Make some goals for yourself for July

–  Yoder – 1st Rope Climb
–  Meghan – Kipping HSPU
–  Teresa – Kipping HSPU
–  Jen – Kipping HSPU
–  Jodi – Kipping HSPU
–  Meghan – 10 Consecutive Double Unders (12)
–  Will – 205# Snatch!
-  Ben & Bart – 7/6/11 Platinum WOD as Rx’d
-  Laura – 1st Strict HSPUs
-  Amber – 1st Kipping Pullup
-  Justin
– 135# Squat Snatch (also did 140#)

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10 Responses to 7/13/11

  1. John Jackovin says:

    Did Sunday’s workout in 19:28. My legs were dead from the Hawkeye workout so my runs were slower than I would have liked. I thought the runs loosened my legs, but now they hurt just as bad as before.

  2. Adam S says:

    Sunday’s WOD rx’d – 25:50
    Legs still wrecked from Monday.

  3. Jaime says:

    Yesterday’s WOD w Strict HSPUs (not nose to floor) – 76:05 …holy muscle failure batman!! That was by far the most strict HSPUs I’ve ever done in a workout, but also a LOT of me staring at the wall. And yea, my legs are crazy sore too – I thought I was picking an only arm workout, but my legs even hurt on HSPUs 🙁

  4. Mitch says:

    Stairs of any kind are a little treacherous today. I have a new found love for ramps and elevators.

  5. Ash says:

    Made up Monday’s mainsite WOD:
    Squat Snatch one rep every minute on the minute for 15 minutes.

    135# – 155#PR!
    I dropped 160# on my head! Which was not so suawesome.

  6. Billy says:

    Sunday’s WOD – 19:32

    This workout absolutely wrecked me. I don’t know if it was because I am still a little bit sick or it was just the combination of excersises. Either way…I almost died…and actually walked a little on my last 400. This one goes on my list of WOD’s that I hate!!!

  7. Bobby says:

    “Death by Soreness” as Rx’d – Yep I’m sore 🙂

    July Goals Finally
    1. Compete “Tr-Annie” in under 10 minutes
    2. Have the fastest WOD time at least 1 day at the games
    3. Coach the fittest 55-60 woman to the winning the CrossFit Games…………Nancy Pelosi is still supposed to be getting back to me 🙂

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