Black/Blue/Grey WODs


Seven rounds for time of:
Hang split snatch, 10 reps Right arm (40/30) (30/20) (20/10)
15 ft Rope Climb, 1 ascent (5 x Progressions) (3 x Progressions)
Hang split snatch, 10 reps Left arm (40/30) (30/20) (20/10)
15 ft Rope Climb, 1 ascent (5 x Progressions) (3 x Progressions)

Alternate feet in the split snatch sets.

Kristan Clever 12:22 (30lb dbs), Rebecca Voigt 14:50 (30lb dbs), Katie Hogan 19:52 (30lb dbs). Post time to comments.

June “Cool” Board

***Make some goals for yourself for June

–  Meghan – BEAT Bobby in Soccer WOD!!!

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45 Responses to 6/2/11

  1. Bobby says:

    By Nate Christenson’s request this is going to be our new warm-up for the rest of the week. Watch, Study, Practice, Execute


  2. Jeremy Yoder says:

    In Honor of our friend the Honey Badger….today I did the Beyond the Whiteboard WOD called : BADGER BOMB ( RX – 12:15 )

    1000m Row
    then 2 Rounds of:
    40 – OHS @ 45#
    20 – Ring Push Ups
    10 – Power Snatch @ 155#

    • Justin says:

      I like it… I am hoping you meant Power Clean rather than Snatch (I would deff need to modify if that was the case).

      Sounds like a good Friday pre-wedding schenanigans WOD.

      • Jeremy Yoder says:

        Oops…you are correct Justin….it was Power Cleans…not Power Snatches….the Cleans were hard enough after yesterdays Max Cleans…

  3. Justin says:

    Today’s WOD as RX’d – 14:25…or 13:44ish. My counter thinks I did and extra set of snatches and rope climb…either way I was pretty happy about how it turned out 🙂

    • Jaime says:

      I’m still 95% sure you did left arm twice in round 4. Sorry, counter’s fault…at least I was smart enough to look at your time before your last half round!

  4. Bart says:

    Yesterday –
    Power Cleans – 135,155,175,195,205,215(f),215
    10,000lb CFT – 1:32
    Hackey Sack Challenge – 23 minutes and change

  5. Bobby says:

    “Moon” as Rx’d – 9:50

    Got my A$$ handed to me again today, great job Billy you killed it!

  6. Shelley says:

    “Moon” as rx’d – 23:39

    Thanks for encouraging me to give this a try as rx’d, Jaime. It always feels especially nice to do a hero WOD as rx’d.

  7. Ash says:

    “Moon” as Rx’d – 12:05

  8. Jaime says:

    “Moon” as R’xd – 13:01

    • Jaime says:

      Went over lunch and did the Lance/Justin challenge for the team alternate spot that I’d been wanting to do..
      For time:
      400m run
      20 deadlifts (275/185)
      400m run
      150 DUs
      400m run
      10 MUs
      400m run
      As R’xd- 14:51…my goal was under 20:00 so I was super happy with this! MUs felt great 🙂

      Jen, I hope your foot is OK!!

  9. Adam S says:

    Moon – not Rx’d 🙁
    sub’d Ring Rows for Rope climbs.

    I will learn the Rope climb this month.

    Great job Billy and Ash, you guys were flying.

    • Adam S says:

      Just watched “Honey Badger” for the first time, laughing my a$$ off.

      Need t-shirts with our new mascot.

      “We don’t care, we eat cobras for breakfast”

  10. John Jackovin says:

    I was on the PUF list (Physically Unable to Finish) as Rx’d. My hands, forearms and biceps just could not handle my weight. I completed 4.5 full rounds and about 8-10 50%-95% rope climbs. I then finished with ring pulls.

    Taking tomorrow off to rest up for the Dam to Dam. I’ll represent CF515 well.

  11. Billy says:

    “Moon” Rx’d – 9:44

  12. Jim says:

    “Moon” with 30# dumbbell. A snake bit me on my 14th rope climb, 2 feet from the top. Had to wait 5 minutes for the body to wake up enough for another effort. Finished in just under 30 minutes.

    Does that qualify me to wear the Honey Badger t-shirt?

  13. Meghan McCoy says:

    Moon WOD with 20# dumbbell in 23:14 and I am pretty sure I completely lost track of where I was after round 5 and couldn’t remember which arm snatch I was on. I will definitely need a counter or chalk to keep track of it next time.

  14. Lindsay says:

    Moon as rx’d – 12:37 … 16 seconds off beating Clever, whha-whha-whhhattt??

  15. Tara says:

    Moon RX’d 19:20 –
    I felt okay during this WOD and thought I was moving along fairly well but then I saw Jaime & Z’s time and you guys must have been flying (or quite possibly, I was moving a lot slower than I felt)! Way to go Z being so close to Clever’s time (and Jaime not far behind)!!! 🙂

    • Tara says:

      Oh – and thanks for the sock Jaime! Definitely saved my already scarred leg from the rope climbs!

    • Jaime says:

      Thanks Tara, and you’re welcome. I knew there was a good reason I pulled the ‘gangster one tall sock look’ (as Justin called it) this morning!

  16. Jaime says:

    Goals for June:
    1) 4 consecutive MUs (almost got 3 today)
    2) complete King Kong with 150# (instead of 175#) squat cleans
    3) 100 pullups in sub 5:00…never tried in May
    4) “Ultimate Athlete Challenge” (mile run & deadlift 1/2 my time)…never tried in May

  17. Ben says:

    Moon rx’d (well sort of) 11:52

    I did this WOD at the PD gym. The rope climb is a bit shorter so I added 20 seconds to my time to compensate for that. I’m pretty sure that was fairly accurate though. Felt pretty good on that one.

    • Ben says:

      Scratch that. I just realized that I did not do the hang split snatches correctly. I will redo this WOD so I can have an accurate time while doing it correctly and with the full 15ft rope climb.

  18. Jen says:

    Black WOD “almost” Rx’d – 25:43. Was about 2 inches short of the bar on the last rope climb, otherwise, Rx’d. Had absolutely no grip left by the 7th round, which resulted in me dropping from the rope higher than I normally do, landing on the edge of the rope, and breaking my foot. (My 5th metatarsal is now in 3 pieces!) Will be in a boot for the next 3 weeks or so. Felt crappy today and almost stayed home. Probably should have!!

    Jaime, you’ll have to share some “footless” workouts with me 🙂

    • Will says:


    • Lindsay says:

      Double 🙁

    • Jaime says:

      BIG 🙁 U r very tough, Jen! I was nervous when I saw your foot start to look like mine did, but I had no idea based on how u were acting. So sorry! I would LOVE to pass along some of my knowledge on how to modify WODs for one foot. We’ve got u covered, don’t worry, unfortunately we’ve been thru it before at 515.

    • Meghan McCoy says:

      Bummer! That sucks Jen! Your are by far one of the toughest chicks I know. I was wondering when you came down on that rope what happened. I will do one legged WODs with you anyday:)

    • tara says:

      So sorry to hear about your foot Jen! 🙁 Wishing you a speedy recovery so you’re back at it soon!

  19. Will says:

    Made up the 7×1 power clean from yesterday:
    185, 205, 225, 235, 245, 255(f), 255(PR)

    Pretty happy considering my last squat clean PR was 265.

    Then I did a short little WOD with my friends at CrossFit Progression (Rochester, MN):

    5 rounds:
    10 pullups, 200m run


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