Make Up/Challenge/Skill DAY

April “COOL” Board

–  Melanie – 45 Pull Ups without a Band!!!
–  Max – 500m Row in 3:18
–  Max – Deadlift 45#
–  Jeremy – 1st Strict Handstand Push Ups
–  Jaime – Rainbow Deadlift 295# (then did 300#)
–  Ash – Handstand Walk 3 Squares (12 feet)
–  Adam S. – Deadlift 365# (30# PR)
–  Todd F. – Clean & Jerk 165#
–  Adam P. – Clean & Jerk 165#
–  Heather – Squat Clean 110#
– Jaime – 5 Strict HSPUs (did 6)
– Kylie – 1st Handstand & HSPU (2 abmats)

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17 Responses to 4/8/11

  1. Ben says:

    April Goal: Move up the ladder 3 slots.

  2. Tara says:

    any chance anyone has tried to make the chocolate pudding in the MaxLife Recipes? I have tried twice and both times it turns out more like a drink than pudding….is the consistency supposed to be thin or is could you share what brand/type coconut milk you used??? I am missing something…

  3. Adam P says:

    Callout for Ramsey!

    1. Helen

    2. Diane

    3. Annie

  4. Jodi says:

    Hey Tara – if you find out, please let me know! I’m on the “healing plan” for another 9 days then move to that plan & will want recipes. This week has been very tough eliminating grains & sugars – especially since I don’t eat meat! I also quit diet pop which I drank a LOT of. The scale is helping my motivation although it’s def not easy – down 6 lbs. this am & just started Monday. – 7 lbs. ’till I get to my pre-baby weight! Help keep me honest!

    • Bart says:

      That’s awesome Jodi! Keep up the hard work. Give it a full two weeks and you’ll start feeling great! You’ll not only see it in the mirror but your workouts will improve too.

    • Brian says:

      Thats awesome in such a short amount of time.

    • Tara says:

      That’s great Jodi!!! I think you can still have the chocolate pudding on the Advanced Healing. It has a star next to it which I understood to be okay under both Advanced Healing and 15/6 plan but I may have misundertood it? Or is it after first 14 days that you can use the Recipes provided?

    • Lindsay says:

      Awesome, Jodi!!

    • Jaime says:

      Wow Jodi, that’s incredible!! Keep up the good work everyone. It’s amazing how our bodies know what to do when we treat them right, huh?! 😉

      Also, I wanted to share 2 great Paleo websites- they both have lots of great recipes! Enjoy 🙂
      http://www.everydaypaleo.com (thanks to Lance)
      http://www.paleoplan.com (thanks to Ben)…try the “Paleo Candybars” w Stevia instead of honey!

  5. Adam S says:

    Skill Day for me, working on HSPU

    1st HSPU ever, just a month or two ago I was barely able to do a static Handstand hold

    completed a few HSPU w/ 1 abmat
    completed 4 consecutive HSPU w/ 2 abmats

  6. Jim says:

    Last day in Florida. Looking forward to being back in the friendly confines of CF515.

    Today’s workout:

    4 rounds of 3 HSPU (2 abmats), 20 second squat hold, 20 second L-sit hold; followed by Griff in 14:20; followed by one round of Sectional WOD 11.3.

    Now that I know I can clean and squat 135, I’m looking forward to doing more than one round on Sunday.

  7. Ash says:

    Jamie challenge:

    1.) 100 Burpee pull-ups

    2.) 3 rounds of: 4-Muscle-ups, 8-2pood KB swings, 12-30″ jump boxes

    3.) Diane

  8. kylie says:

    got another goal in today! I completed a double under, COOLBOARD! and still perfecting the HSPU’S.. but got 3 consecutive today.. going to continue to improve! 🙂

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