21-15-9 reps of:
Handstand push-ups (Kipping if Needed) (Ab-Mat Under Head) (Feet on Box)
Ring dips (with Band) (Hands on Box)
Push-ups (from Knees)

Connor Martin 6:59. Post time to comments.

April “COOL” Board

–  Melanie – 45 Pull Ups without a Band!!!
–  Max – 500m Row in 3:18
–  Max – Deadlift 45#
–  Jeremy – 1st Strict Handstand Push Ups
–  Jaime – Rainbow Deadlift 295# (then did 300#)
–  Ash – Handstand Walk 3 Squares (12 feet)
–  Adam S. – Deadlift 365# (30# PR)
–  Todd F. – Clean & Jerk 165#
–  Adam P. – Clean & Jerk 165#
–  Heather – Squat Clean 110#

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30 Responses to 4/7/11

  1. Adam P says:

    J.T. – Black Rx’d = 15:35. I was almost spent after the first round. Every handstand push up after was a single…ouch.

  2. Brian says:

    JT 15:34
    Liked this work out a lot. Set two mile stones. 21 HSPUs unbroken. (PR by 6). Sounded good at the time but fried my triceps and paid for it the rest of the WOD. Bad idea.

    2nd: and biggest accomplishment. Beat Bobby at a WOD!! Sorry man it hasn’t happened once in our year and 4 months of doing CF.

  3. Justin says:

    Games Open 11.3 – 9 rds + 1 sc

    Pretty happy about this actually. I think I will give it another go on Sunday after some more work from the magical Dr. Kellow. I think I have a few more rounds in me.

  4. Lindsay says:

    JT – 29:42 … first round of HSPUs with an ab-mat, then kipping trying to use as little kip as possible. NEED to start working on these more and be able to do strict HSPUs

    Pretty cool new feature on the games page – if you look at our team page, it gives a breakdown of whose scores counted for the team score each wod. So yes, confirmed that Shelley’s awesome master’s score does count for our team score this week! Even without Maloch’s beastly performance submitted yet, I think we are in good shape as a team this week so far!!! YEA TEAM 515!

    • Jaime says:

      That IS a cool new feature! Looks like their progammers are finally stepping it up, haha. On a week that I would not consider our gyms ‘strength’ we definitely aren’t looking too bad! Good work Team 515!!

      Maloch, impressive job last night! And Heather, awesome job on the 110# squat clean PR…and still in the running 🙂

  5. Tara says:

    This was the longest 21-15-9 EVER!
    “J.T.” 50:29 (not rx’d)
    though I definitely didn’t do 50minutes of work. There was a lot of standing in between HSPU’s. Started wtih 10#plate and 1 Abmat for the first 21. Then, got 1 out of 5 attempts so went with two 10# plates and Abmat which got me to 10 with almost as many failed attempts.
    I had to get to work so had to switch to Kipping HSPU’s for the last 14 so I could get through the WOD a bit quicker. Looking forward to improving on this one!

  6. Jen says:

    Holy Muscle Failure!!

    J.T. 33:14 – Used Abmat & 10# plate for 1st Rd of HSPU, then 2 Abmats for last 2 Rds. Last 8 ring dips were not completely locked out at the top, but I think 37 full ROM ring dips is the most I’ve ever done in a WOD, so I’m okay with that 🙂

  7. Jaime says:

    JT not rxd – 37:03
    Started off with 6 consecutive Strict HSPUs (goal!)…but downhill quickly from there, did one at a time for the rest of the 21, then had to use a 10# plate for sets of 15 and 9.
    Wow, I don’t think I could not have programmed a WOD with 3 things I dislike more…give me those heavy squat clean & jerks back anyday! “JT” must have been one tough guy 🙂

    • Laura says:

      I remember thinking “Man, dips are not that bad” never thought those would be the best or “least worst” part of a workout.

      Not Rx – Story the similar to others…..Started off HSPU with 10# plate through 21-15. But they got sketchy at the end and kept failing so switched to 2 plates for the last nine. I thought maybe some of Bobby’s superhuman abilities would transfer over to me doing HSPU side by side. But it only made my form look worse!

      • Jaime says:

        Haha, yea “least worst” is right 🙂 I have never looked forward to dips OR pushups before this morning. Of course if I could do dips like you, Laura, I’d never think they were that bad!!

  8. Jeremy Yoder says:

    Hey Gang….worked out with Crossfit Battle Born in Reno NV at 7a, GREAT FOLKS! Going back at 4p to watch them do 11.3 & to do our WOD.

    CF Battle Born WOD (While it snowed on us)
    -4 x 100 yard sprint – 5 min Max Push-Ups
    -4 x 100 yard sprint – 5 min Max Pull-Ups
    -4 x 100 yard sprint – 5 min Max Squat Clean & Jerk #165
    RX – 21:30 with 91 Pushups – 59 Pull-Ups – 4 Squat C&J

    • Brian says:

      do you ever work?

      • Jeremy Yoder says:

        Ahhh..I am at a conference for work and to take a continuing ed test…so yes…I am working 🙂 But a fit employee is a better employee so I am hitting a double WOD since I wont be able to workout Friday or Sat

  9. ash says:

    JT Black: 14:55

  10. Bart says:

    JT as Rx’d – 6:21
    1 Mile Run – 6:02

    Had to redeem myself after yesterday’s performance.

  11. Scott says:

    Bobby who?

  12. Bobby says:

    JT as Rx’d – 20:22, officially decided today I will no longer allow my form on HSPU’s to suffer for a better time, figured might as well considering my HSPU’s are not getting any better with slop

    Glad to hear my slow time made everyone feel better about themselves, I’ll try to keep you guys in mind and go slower more often……….hahahaha you guys are funny

    • Jeremy Yoder says:

      Crossfit Battle Born – Reno
      JT – 18:03 (But I only got the first 15 HSPU strict)(Did last 30 with 1 Abmat)….so NOT RX…but I am happy with it…

  13. kylie says:

    J.T. mixture of all the colors. 6:14.
    Pushups(feet on box)
    Ring dips(with band)
    As well. I completed one of my April goals. With the help of Jaime’s encouragement I finally got a HANDSTAND. Then to make me even cooler… I GOT A HANDSTAND PUSHUP. So satisfied with myself, so happy.
    I just want to say, this sounds kinda cliche, but Crossfit has taught me that if I tell myself and believe in myself that I can do it, nothing is impossible for me to do or accomplish. Thankyou guys at Crossfit for everything! 🙂

    • kylie says:

      Oh yeah, rest of my April Goals.
      1) Kipping Pullup (no band)
      2) Double Under
      3) Handstand (accomplished)
      4) 7 minute mile run

  14. Ben says:

    JT Rx’d – 13:59. I know on the board at the gym it said 14:00, but it actually was 13:59. I know it doesn’t really make a difference but something about that 13 showing up in the time makes me feel better about it.

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