Black/Blue/Grey WODs

For Time:

Run 1oK (5K) (2 Miles)

March “COOL” Board

–  Deb – 1st Kipping Pull Up Ever!!!
–  Adam P. – 1 Arm Pull Up
–  Jaime – 100 Consecutive Double Unders
–  Max – 1st GHD Sit-Up
-  Bobby – Best time on any March challenge event (Throwdown Series Event 1 Part 1)
-  Adam P. – Deadlift 350#
-  Justin – 30 Consecutive Butterfly Pull Ups
–  Jodi – 1st Ring Dip Ever!
–  Shelley – 5 Consecutive Ring Dips
–  Melanie – Climbed ALL the Way Up the Rope!
–  Jaime – 30 Toes-to-bar
–  Justin – 3 Consecutive Muscle Ups
–  Tracy – 20 Consecutive GHD Sit-Ups
–  Justin – Overhead Squat 155#
–  Jen – Back Squat 205#
–  Adam S. – Overhead Squat 95#
–  Grayeson – Back Squat 235#
–  Lindsay – 1st Strict Handstand Push Up

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27 Responses to 3/21/11

  1. Bart says:

    I love these videos! They always help bring up the motivation, especially after days like yesterday.

  2. Adam S says:

    10K – 44:54

  3. Lindsay says:

    10k run – 47:20

    Nice job on your longest run ever, Adam P! Good to know I can outrun a cop 🙂

  4. Todd says:

    10k run: 50:31

  5. Justin says:

    I had the itch to do Helen again after Bobby said he would give it a go on Wednesday.

    Helen – 7:39 (PR by 28 seconds from 10/2/2010)

    I’ll give the 10K a try sometime this week

  6. Adam P says:

    10 K = 47:30
    My knees hurt, my hips hurt, my feet hurt, my lungs hurt and now Lindsay is giving me crap about beating me….add pride to the list 🙂

    • Lindsay says:

      It shouldn’t hurt your pride to lose by 10 seconds to a former Boston-qualifying marathoner 🙂

      Also, Justin finally did our challenge wod – I came out on top. What’s the status of your challenge with Ramsey?

  7. Bobby says:

    10K run – run 1 lap around the building, get on the trail and go right, run past our 5K turn around (playground with lizard head), a little past that there will be a fork on the trail and you want to stay right or else you will take a little detour, after that you just run straight on the trail until you get to a long bridge that you run over (near campbell park softball fields), about 100 meters after the bridge there is a large 8 and a line marked, turn around at the 8 and run back

  8. Jaime says:

    10K Run – 47:40

    Lindsay, I do know Adam had you in his sights the entire time, so you hadn’t gotten away yet, haha 😉

    And yesterday did Front Squat/Rope Climb WOD R’xd – 9:49

  9. Bobby says:

    11K Run – 41:53
    When I came to that fork in the trail, I was only sure of 1 thing and that was that whichever way I went it was guaranteed to be the wrong 1, and this is all I could think of from 3rd grade the rest of the run:


  10. Tara says:

    Hey Bart! I think it’s been enough time for Mitch to challenge me and I think Brian has a challenge out to Mitch anyway so I think I can challenge you for the top spot again. (Someone feel free to correct me if I shouldn’t be challenging yet).

    If I can challenge you, are you doing the Throwdown Series this weekend? I know you have Cert but wasn’t sure if you were going to try to get it in? I was thinking of using the placings in that as one of the challenges. 🙂

  11. Ben says:

    Did Helen today at 1pm after working out at 6:30am. Stupid. Time: 9:02. Will re-do Helen in the near future.

  12. Bart says:

    Gave Helen a go today – 7:42

  13. Will says:

    Front squat/rope climb: 6:54

    Loved this one. Busy day at the gym today!

  14. Jaime says:

    Just a reminder:
    Free Food Workshops are this week (Thurs @ 6:30pm & Sat @ 10am)
    There is a signup sheet by the check-in at the gym…just so we have a rough idea of how many 🙂

    Here is more info:

    • kylie says:

      Jaime, could you possibly get me some papers on that if he has any? Or find out where I could get them? I would like to be there.. but I’m going to be at the Kenny Chesney concert instead:/

  15. Jeremy Yoder says:

    Raining when I arrived today so I decided to make up Weaver from when I was in Cancun…..that was a hell of a lot of fun….chest to bars…..one…..at….a….time…..Weaver RX – 27:51
    then since my legs were the ONLY thing working I did a timed 400 @ 1:15….

  16. Jeremy Yoder says:

    Todays WOD as RX (Except 1 Ab-mat for HSPU) – 17:50

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