Make Up/Challenge/Skill DAY

March “COOL” Board

–  Deb – 1st Kipping Pull Up Ever!!!
–  Adam P. – 1 Arm Pull Up
–  Jaime – 100 Consecutive Double Unders
–  Max – 1st GHD Sit-Up
-  Bobby – Best time on any March challenge event (Throwdown Series Event 1 Part 1)
-  Adam P. – Deadlift 350#
-  Justin – 30 Consecutive Butterfly Pull Ups
–  Jodi – 1st Ring Dip Ever!
–  Shelley – 5 Consecutive Ring Dips
–  Melanie – Climbed ALL the Way Up the Rope!
– Jaime – 30 Toes-to-bar
– Justin – 3 Consecutive Muscle Ups

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37 Responses to 3/15/11

  1. Bobby says:

    Great video on Coach Glassman about 40 minutes long on the journal

  2. Bobby says:

    Still feel pretty confident about my guess after watching the first 11 seconds of that video hahaha

    • Bobby says:

      Playoff Beards are officially starting today, you hear me Lindsay

    • Jaime says:

      Ok, I’ll put my guess in for tomorrow’s WOD. I think it will be something close to Fran at least, so I’ll go with the “5-1-5” WOD (5 rounds, 15 Thrusters, 15 Pullups) 🙂

    • Lindsay says:

      I think it’s going to have pull-ups. Probably a couplet with a barbell exercise … maybe front squat? push press? Or front squat into push press! 3 rounds, 21-15-9, hmmm…

      Metally preparing for Fran, but I’ll say 21-15-9 deadlift (225/155), box jumps (24″/20″), pull-ups

  3. Ben says:


    I’m going to get “Annie” in today (3/15/11). I’ll do the WOD at 1pm and post my time afterwards. Sorry for the delay.

  4. Ash says:

    Nick, lets try this again. Challenge –

    Workout #1
    For time; 20 Turkish get-ups, 2 pood, alternating arms everytime.

    Workout #2
    21 – 5 – 9, HSPU and 2 pood Kettlebell swings

    Workout #3
    1-1-1-1-1 Max Dead Lift

  5. Brian says:

    Mitch Challenge.

    Pick any of the next three WODs and let me know which one you are doing. Good Luck.

  6. Adam says:

    Ramsey Challenge!

    #1. Tabata something different already – squats 20 sec on 10 sec off for 8 rounds. Lowest number of repetitions per round is your score. Take your lowest squat score times the number of muscle ups you do in the two minutes immediately after the squats and that is the final score.

    #2. I want to be 20 again…with a 20lb vest
    20 – walking lunges
    20 – box jumps 20 in box
    20 – pull ups
    20 – double unders
    20 – ring dips
    20 – knees to elbows
    20 – kettle bell swings 1.5 pood
    20 – ghd sit ups
    20 – hang squat cleans 75 lbs
    20 – back extensions
    20 – wall balls 20 lb

    #3. ‘Lord of the Rings’
    15-12-9 Ring Dips, Pull Ups, Toes through rings – For time…
    With the rings out of your reach (only has to be an inch) with your feet planted on the ground get up to do your ring dips and pull ups however you can. Everytime you come off of the rings (your feet touch the ground) you have to do five ring pushups. For ring push ups the rings are set just high enough off the ground so your knuckles don’t touch. Your range of motion is locked out at the top and chest touches an abmat that is placed between the rings.

  7. Adam S says:

    “54321” Challenge WOD with Jaime = 237.

    Congrats Jaime, impressive on the box jumps.

    • Jaime says:

      Thanks Adam! Good job too, I think you would have kicked my butt if you weren’t still gun shy on the box jumps.

  8. Ben says:


    I finally got “Annie” in. Time was verified by Will Ostoj. 7:03

    • Bob Jennings says:

      Oh man!!! I told you to take it easy. 10:41 on this end. Good luck on your climb and maybe we will get a chance to challenge you from below.

  9. Bart says:

    10 Minute Cindy – 16 Rounds + 12

    I’m thinking possibly Lynne for the first WOD.

  10. Jaime says:

    Bobby…I challenge you!!

    (1) Max Behind the neck Jerk (Girls weight conversion = 70%)

    (2) 7 min AMRAP from 2010 Games:
    7 DL (315/205)
    20m Sprint (16 squares)
    14 Pistols
    21 DUs
    20m Sprint (16 squares)

    (3) 3 rounds for time:
    40m Overhead Walk (185/125 lb barbell)
    40m Farmers Carry (95/65 lb barbells)
    *Set cone at 20m (16 squares) & barbells must be turned around the cone.

    (4) Sectionals WOD #1 (winner is based on who has the higher standing in our region after week 1) 🙂

  11. Bryant Pickering says:

    Jaime – could you please post the recipe for the paleo zucchini bread we had at the CF515 party? That was amazing and I keep day dreaming about it 🙂

  12. Ben says:

    I also got a 10 min “Cindy” in as well. 15 rounds + 2 pull ups. Bart you are an animal. I was gunning for you, but just couldn’t quite do it.

  13. Ben says:

    Challenge for Deb:

    WOD #1
    For time:
    Run 1 mile
    100 Sit-ups
    100 Back extensions
    Run 1 mile

    *Break up the back extensions and sit-ups anyway you want until completion.

    WOD #2
    Tabata Anything
    You can pick the excersise whether it be squats, sit ups, back extensions, push ups, pull ups, anything else you can think of.

    Tabata = 4 min workout. 20 seconds of work with 10 seconds of rest on any exercise you choose. The lowest number of reps you get during any of those rounds during the 4 mins will be the number we compare.

    WOD #3
    Throwdown workout #1
    50 Wallballs (20#/14#) (14#/10#) (10#/6#) PLUS
    3 ROUNDS:
    30 Double Unders (100 Single Jumps) (60 Single Jumps)
    15 Toes to Bar (Toes above Waist) (Leg Raises)
    10 Front Squats (135#/95#) (95#/65#) (65#/45#)

    Also, Bobby can I get an invite for beyond the whiteboard?

  14. Will says:

    Does Brian K. post on here? I’m ready to start issuing some challenges…

  15. Shelley says:

    Let us know what the WOD is as soon as you hear.

  16. Adam S says:

    Came back this evening for some more fun.

    Did Saturday’s WOD – 1 mile, 100 situps, 100 back extensions, 1 mile
    19:27 (1st mile 5:57, 2nd mile 6:49)

    Lots of room for improvement, but it felt good to get outside and run again.

  17. Bart says:

    Looks like another 2 hours before they post the WOD

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