Sectionals & Party!!

CrossFit Games Open 2011 – Sectionals begin next week

CrossFit 515 would like to encourage all of our athletes interested in competing to do so.  Registration is easy.  Simply click here and follow instructions to sign up.  After you sign up as an individual, click on “Athletes & Teams” and “Find a Team.”  Search for CrossFit 515 and click on it when it pops up, and then click on “Join the Team.”

Registration fee is $10, however, anyone who signs up and completes all 6 weeks of workouts Rxd and submits scores will receive $10 off their June membership at CrossFit 515.

The workouts will be posted each Tuesday evening (starting next week March 15), for the next 6 weeks.  CrossFit 515 will be doing the workouts on Tuesdays as our normal WODs and CrossFit 515 (aka Bobby) can verify times, scores, ROM, etc.  This way everyone will get a chance to do them and there is no excuse not to sign up if you are interested :)  Anyone interested in attempting the WODs for a second time can do so on Saturdays and scores will be due on Sunday.

If anyone has any questions, let one of the trainers know or email us at  It should be fun!!


Also, to help get people excited about the competition season starting, Lindsay and Justin have graciously volunteered to host a CrossFit 515 Party!!  Details are below:

WHERE: Lindsay and Justin’s house (6730 Reed Lane in WDM)

WHEN: This Saturday, March 12th at 7:00 pm

THEME: Paleo! Bring your favorite Paleo food or recipe to share.
What is Paleo? Basically lean meats, veggies, some fruits and nuts, no sugars or processed foods.  Need ideas? Just google “Paleo recipes.”  I will try to post some good websites & links soon too.
Justin also suggested everyone could dress like cavemen in honor of the Paleo theme…of course this is completely optional 🙂

Hope to see everyone there!! (Except you Yoder, have a good trip thou 😉 )

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